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Burlacioiu, Ciprian (2009): Evaluation of the Dialogue between Representatives of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe and Orthodox Theologians. Orthodox Position. In: Reseptio : kirkon ulkoasiain osaston teologisten asiain tiedotuslehti. Helsinki: pp. 109-120 [PDF, 106kB]


In the Christian life of Finland, you can quite clearly notice the influence of both the eastern and the western heritage. We have two traditional folk churches: the Evangelical Lutheran and the Orthodox Church. In its response to the working papers of CEC for Lyon 2009 the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland underlined that “the mandate of CEC covers the whole Europe and its voca- tion is to gather the churches of Europe, [...]. It is the pleasure and honor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland to publish this documentary of the research project of the Dialogue commission concerning the theological dialogues between the Orthodox and the other member churches of CEC. You can find this bulletin also from our website: http://www.evl.fi/kkh/kuo/ reseptio.shtml.

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