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Maier, Markus A. ORCID: 0000-0002-8115-4612; Büchner, Vanessa L. (2016): Time and Consciousness. In: Nadin, Mihai (ed.) : Anticipation Across Disciplines. Cognitive Systems Monographs, Vol. 29. Springer International Publishing. pp. 93-104
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Some theories in physics and beyond argue that the emergence of an arrow of time is strongly related to conscious experience. Few approaches—known under the term quantum models of the mind- even claim that consciousness creates time. In the following we will provide theoretical arguments and empirical evidence showing that the arrow of time disappears when an individual’s information processing mode changes from conscious to unconscious states of mind. This implies that unconscious processing allow for a better than chance anticipation of random future events. The theoretical and practical implications of these models are discussed.