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Müller, Barbara C. N.; Tsalas, Nike R. H.; Schie, Hein T. van; Meinhardt, Jörg; Proust, Joëlle; Sodian, Beate and Paulus, Markus (2016): Neural correlates of judgments of learning - An ERP study on metacognition. In: Brain Research, Vol. 1652: pp. 170-177

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Metacognitive assessment of performance has been revealed to be one of the most powerful predictors of human learning success and academic achievement. Yet, little is known about the functional nature of cognitive processes supporting judgments of learning (JOLs). The present study investigated the neural underpinnings of JOLs, using event-related brain potentials. Participants were presented with picture pairs and instructed to learn these pairs. After each pair, participants received a task cue, which instructed them to make a JOL (the likelihood of remembering the target when only presented with the cue) or to make a control judgment. Results revealed that JOLs were accompanied by a positive slow wave over medial frontal areas and a bilateral negative slow wave over occipital areas between 350 ms and 700 ms following the task cue. The results are discussed with respect to recent accounts on the neural correlates of judgments of learning.

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