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Stahn, Veronika; Ditton, Hartmut (2017): Die Rolle motivationaler Schülermerkmale bei der Formation der elterlichen Erfolgserwartung am Ende der Grundschulzeit. In: Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft, Vol. 20, No. 4: pp. 604-627
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There is empirical and theoretical evidence that parental expectation of success plays an important role in explaining educational and transitionary decisions. As little is known about the decision-making process at the transition from elementary to secondary schooling, this article aims to identify potential motivational and socio-cognitive influencing factors in an analysis of longitudinal data from N = 77 German primary school classes. Using Eccles' et al. expectancy-value-model, we examine the extent to which students' motivation and factors of parents' perception and interpretation mediate the effect of socio-economical background factors on parents' expectation of success. Findings from repeated-measure ANOVAs and linear regressions are presented, suggesting aspects of parental perception and interpretation are independent predictors of their expectation of success. Data indicate further a decrease in students' motivation from 3th to 4th grade and different development depending on parents' educational qualification, children's subsequent school achievement and parents' subsequent expectation of success.