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Scharpf, Florian; Paulus, Markus; Wörle, Monika (2017): The impact of social relationships on Ugandan children's sharing decisions. In: European Journal of Developmental Psychology, Vol. 14, No. 4: pp. 436-448
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Recent studies provided evidence for an impact of social relations on preschool children's sharing behavior. Children have been shown to be more generous towards friends than nonfriends or strangers. As evidence comes largely from studies with western children, little is known about cross-cultural differences and commonalities in this pattern. Here, we show that preschool and elementary school aged Ugandan children show high levels of generosity independent of the social relationships with the recipient. This finding points to societal differences in early sharing. The results are discussed in terms of a formative impact of cultural traditions on the early development of sharing in the preschool years.