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Strupf, Michael; Gomes de Matos, Elena; Söllner, Renate; Kraus, Ludwig; Piontek, Daniela (2017): Trinkverhalten von Personen verschiedener Herkunftsregionen in Deutschland: Ein Vergleich mit Personen ohne Migrationshintergrund. In: Suchttherapie, Vol. 18, No. 2: pp. 90-97
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Aims Individuals with migration background from different regional origins were compared to individuals without migration background concerning their alcohol consumption. Methods Data came from the 2012 Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse (ESA;n = 9 084). Individuals with migration background were clustered in 10 groups based on their geo-graphicalorigins. Indicators of alcohol consumption comprised prevalence of abstention, average volume and prevalence of episodic heavy drinking. Statistical inference was tested by regression analyses. Results Abstention rates were significantly higher in all non European and few European groups than in the reference group without migra-tion background. This applies particularly to individuals with Arabic-Islamic and Turkish roots. For mean consumption and prevalence of episodic heavy drinking group differences were few in number. Conclusions Willingness to stay abstinent among individuals with migration background should be supported. There is no evidence of a need for specific prevention measures among last decades' migrants in Germany. Access to established measures for migrants should be ensured.