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Müller-Kreiner, Claudia; Niedermeier, Sandra (2017): Game-based learning in (further) education. In: Inted2017: 11th International Technology, Education and Development Conference: pp. 123-128
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This short paper gives a summary of the potential of learning concepts based on the theory of game-based-learning in training and further education. The state of the art about this highly topical issue will summed up first. The possibility of digital learning in particular, especially digital game-based-learning, to force the change from passive learning to more active ways of learning and teaching, must be mentioned. Organisations benefit from this in case of a meaningful, didactic embedding in existing structures. Moreover, active learning is promoted. From the perspective of a private educational institution, some steps to implement game-based-learning in organisations will be introduced in this paper. In addition, an example of a game-based-learning-concept will be presented. Based on a test execution of this serious game, the use of game-based-learning in organisations will be discussed. Some implications for practice will be given to the reader will be given at the end.