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Dingyloudi, Filitsa; Strijbos, Jan-Willem (2018): Just plain peers across social networks: Peer-feedback networks nested in personal and academic networks in higher education. In: Learning Culture and Social Interaction, Vol. 18: pp. 86-112
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Peer feedback (PF) is often referred to as a socially mediated learning process. Nevertheless, the surrounding social networks, within which PF interactions are nested, are often neglected. This study examines PF, personal, and academic networks in higher education to identify any peer centrality pattern. Additionally, the PF content is examined to identify any content-related pattern across PF networks. Participants were 47 master students in a German university. A sub sample of 32 students, who voluntarily participated in two learning communities, so called Communities of Learning Practice (CoLP), was further examined in terms of PF networks and content of provided PF. Data were collected from social network questionnaires (cohort level) and video recordings of community events (CoLP level). Data analysis involved (a) contextual SNA of questionnaire data to identify participants centrality in personal and academic networks, (b) SNA of video data to identify CoLP members' centrality in PF networks, and (c) content analysis of video data to identify the content of PF provision. Findings indicate a heterogeneous centrality pattern across networks and a homogeneous content-related pattern in the provided PF across CoLPs. This study aims to contribute to the reconceptualization of PF as a web of socially nested and multiplex learning interactions.