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Schandry, Rainer, Lindauer, Daniela and Mauz, Matthias (2018): Blood Pressure and Cognitive Performance After a Single Administration of a Camphor- Crataegus Combination in Adolescents with Low Blood Pressure. In: Planta Medica, Vol. 84, No. 17: pp. 1249-1254

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Low blood pressure is rather widespread among adolescents and frequently accompanied by complaints. Two single-center, double-blinded, randomized, and placebo-controlled trials were performed with adolescent participants in the age range of 14-17 y having a systolic blood pressure below 118mmHg (boys) or 110mmHg (girls). They received a single dose of 20 drops of a fixed combination of natural D-camphor and an ethanolic extract from fresh Crataegus berries (CCC) or of an ethanolic placebo. The efficacy of CCC (commercial name Korodin) has proven its efficacy in the treatment of low blood pressure in adults of all ages, although related placebocontrolled, double-blind studies for adolescents following European (EU) pediatric regulations are lacking. Blood pressure and heart rate were assessed during a rest period, prior to substance administration, 1min thereafter, and after about 5min. Additionally, performance was assessed by two cognitive tests. After administration of CCC, a significantly greater rise in blood pressure occurred compared to placebo. In the cognitive tasks, no significant differences were observed. No adverse events or subjective complaints were reported at the final examination;thus, the present study provides evidence for the safety and tolerability of CCC after a single administration.

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