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Syring, Marcus; Tillmann, Teresa; Weiss, Sabine and Kiel, Ewald (2018): Empirische Arbeit: Positive Einstellung zur Inklusion – ablehnende Haltung zur Umsetzung in der Schule. Analyse des Widerspruchs durch Überprüfung eines aus der Heterogenitätsforschung adaptierten Messinstruments für die Inklusion an Lehramtsstudierenden. In: Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, Vol. 65, No. 3: pp. 206-220

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Studies on teachers' attitudes towards inclusion show an apparent contradiction. Despite generally positive attitudes towards inclusive education restrained to negative attitudes are found regarding the concrete implementation. This contradiction can partly be explained by the fact that existing measuring instruments often cover only the cognitive aspect of attitudes. In the present study on pre-service teachers (n=294) we adapted a measuring instrument from the research on heterogeneity which covers also behavioral and motivational-affective aspects. The results show that the instrument is suitable for application in inclusive context. Aspects such as added benefit, motivation and perceived competency provide a more differentiated view on attitudes towards inclusive education. In addition, the present study investigates correlations between school type and personal characteristics such as migrant background. The results are discussed with a view to teacher education.

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