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Rieger, Diana; Reinecke, Leonard; Frischlich, Lena and Bente, Gary (2014): Media Entertainment and Well-BeingLinking Hedonic and Eudaimonic Entertainment Experience to Media-Induced Recovery and Vitality. In: Journal of Communication, Vol. 64, No. 3: pp. 456-478

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This paper explores the impact of hedonic and eudaimonic entertainment experience on well-being. We propose that the satisfaction of recovery needs can provide an important link that connects recent 2-factor models of entertainment with well-being after media consumption. Using path modeling, relationships between hedonic/eudaimonic entertainment experiences, media-induced recovery experience, and vitality as a recovery outcome were explored in an experiment (N = 120). Results suggest that different recovery needs are satisfied by hedonic versus eudaimonic entertainment: Although hedonic entertainment experiences were associated with the recovery dimensions of relaxation and psychological detachment, eudaimonic entertainment was related to mastery experiences. Both entertainment facets, thus, lead to media-induced recovery and resulted in increased psychological well-being represented by higher levels of vitality after media use.

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