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Rieger, Diana; Bartz, Franzisca and Bente, Gary (2015): Reintegrating the Ad Effects of Context Congruency Banner Advertising in Hybrid Media. In: Journal of Media Psychology-theories Methods and Applications, Vol. 27, No. 2: pp. 64-77

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Banner ads - often placed on the right-hand side of a website - are prone to lose their effectiveness due to banner blindness. The current study investigated whether context congruency was able to increase the banner's impact. Our study tested context congruencies (pictures or text elements or both) and their impact on awareness, retention, and attitude toward an advertisement. We used eye tracking to account for effects on visual attention relative to contact time and further information processing. Results indicated that complete context congruency including both visual and textual elements leads to higher visual awareness, better retention, and better attitudes toward the advertisement.

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