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Sanchez-Stockhammer, Christina; Günther, Franziska and Schmid, Hans-Jörg (eds.) (2020): Language in mind and brain. Multimedial proceedings of the workshop held at LMU Munich, December 10–11, 2018. [PDF, 579kB]


The question of how human language works is investigated by neuroscientists, psycholinguists and linguists, but there are important differences in their approaches. The aim of the workshop “Language in Mind and Brain” was to bridge the gap between the different research traditions and to explore and expand their common ground in order to contribute to an interdisciplinary, more integrated investigation of human language. Researchers from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science and linguistics discussed the relation between language, mind and brain in a constructive and cooperative atmosphere. This volume makes selected contributions of the poster session available in an innovative multimedial format. Combining the advantages of traditional publications and digital media, the publication provides short research articles in a traditional edited volume, resizable PDF versions of the posters presented at the workshop and three-minute audio-recordings that guide the listeners through the posters.

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