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Haelewyck, Jean-Claude; Somers, Véronique and Van Elverdinghe, Emmanuel (2016): Diverse Perspectives on the Manuscript Tradition of the Story of Zosimus. In: Oriens Christianus. Hefte für die Kunde des christlichen Orients, Vol. 99: pp. 1-44

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All reference books on Apocrypha consider the Story of Zosimus as an apocrypha and not as a late monastic legend. We would like to verify this point, starting not with a literary analysis of the work, but by examining the manner in which the manuscript collections have understood the Story of Zosimus. Our objective is to take into consideration the environment in which the Story was copied, and to examine the titles which were attributed to it in each of the oriental traditions transmitted to us (Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopian, Armenian, Georgian, and Slavic)

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