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Pachler, Daniela; Kuonath, Angela and Frey, Dieter (2019): How transformational lecturers promote students' engagement, creativity, and task performance: The mediating role of trust in lecturer and self efficacy. In: Learning and Individual Differences, Vol. 69: pp. 162-172

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In today's fast changing and increasingly complex environments the promotion of ongoing employees' task and contextual performance is an important issue. Thus, this longitudinal study investigates the impact of transformational teaching which is derived from transformational leadership concept on students' motivational states (course-related self-efficacy and trust in teacher) and subsequently on students' increased engagement, creativity and task performance in higher education. The study (N = 165) hypothesized positive changes in university students' motivational states and performance criteria over a period of six weeks. Mediation analyses showed that trust in lecturer but not students' course-related self-efficacy served as a mediator in the relationship between transformational teaching and an increased degree of study engagement, an increased degree of student creativity, and task performance. Our results offer theoretical and practical implications for the development of career relevant concepts and teaching in higher education.

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