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Graefen, Claudia (2019): Soziale Situation von Schülern mit Hörschädigung an der Allgemeinen Schule. In: Sprache-Stimme-Gehor, Vol. 43, No. 3: pp. 144-149

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This present study addresses the social situation of children with hearing impairment in inclusive schooling. Pupils with hearing loss (n=21) were examined in an interview with regards to their own social and emotional situation. In addition, the hearing classmates (n=334) rated items about their self-concept, social integration and the climate in class. Another part of the questionnaire were sociometrical questions about the class society. The outcome was mainly positive for the pupils with hearing impairment but in the interviews, they reported some difficulties. The quality of life of the pupils was affected by insufficient knowledge of the teachers, poor locational conditions and a demanding level of concentration throughout a school day in an inclusive setting. Overall, a great need for support for the pupils with hearing impairment is obvious.

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