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Kuechler, Adina; Ivanova, Alina (2019): Recognition as a Prerequisite for Inclusive and Migration Pedagogical Action in School. In: Zeitschrift für Padagogik, Vol. 65, No. 3: pp. 315-334
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Discussions about intercultural and inclusive (school) development are prominent in the field of educational science, but to a large extend the two aspects have been artificially separated so far. This article aims to answer the question of how both approaches and their implementation in educational practices can be justified in terms of the educational theory of recognition. As inclusive and migration pedagogy both intend to promote participation in education on the one hand and as recognition represents the condition for educational participation on the other hand, inclusive and migration processes require a pedagogical approach, which values reconstructions of world views in forms of cultural recognition. At the same time, it requires actors who are able to reconstruct their own views of themselves and the world during the process of professional transfer. This kind of professionalism facilitates educational processes that empower possibilities for the educational practices of inclusion and migration as its primary goal. Conversely, this article establishes recognition as a prerequisite condition for successful inclusion and migration pedagogy processes, which are in turn only possible through education. Finally, it is also possible to point out particular professional implications for pedagogical practice in schools.