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Schmidt-Hertha, Bernhard (2020): Vermittlung medienpädagogischer Kompetenz in der Fort- und Weiterbildung von Lehrkräften. In: Zeitschrift für Pädagogik, Vol. 66, No. 2: pp. 191-207

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The paper begins with an overview of relevant model projects and studies on the dissemination of media pedagogical competence in the context of the professional development of teachers. Analysis of the in-service training opportunities for teachers in Baden-Wuerttemberg shows a broad range of relevant courses, with little information on their quality and whose content alignment points to a narrow focus on media -practical knowledge. Building on the findings of research on the effectiveness of teachers' professional development and adult education, general requirements for in-service training concepts in this thematic field are formulated, reflecting in particular the opportunities of blended learning arrangements.

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