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Ali, Solomon; Beckert, Patrick; Haileamlak, Abraham; Wieser, Andreas; Pritsch, Michael; Heinrich, Norbert; Löscher, Thomas; Hoelscher, Michael; Niemann, Stefan und Rachow, Andrea: Drug resistance and population structure of M-tuberculosis isolates from prisons and communities in Ethiopia. In: BMC infectious Diseases 2016, 16:687 [PDF, 1MB]

Kroidl, Inge, Saathof, Elmar, Maganga, Lucas, Clowes, Petra, Maboko, Leonard, Hoerauf, Achim, Makunde, Williams H., Haule, Antelmo, Mviombo, Prisca, Pitter, Bettina, Mgeni, Neema, Mabuye, Joseph, Kowuor, Dickens, Mwingira, Upendo, Malecela, Mwelecele N., Löscher, Thomas and Hoelscher, Michael (2016): Prevalence of Lymphatic Filariasis and Treatment Effectiveness of Albendazole/Ivermectin in Individuals with HIV Co-infection in Southwest-Tanzania.
In: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 10(4), e0004618 [PDF, 3MB]

Fingerle, Volker, Pritsch, Michael, Wächtler, Martin, Margos, Gabriele, Ruske, Sabine, Jung, Jette, Löscher, Thomas, Wendtner, Clemens and Wieser, Andreas (2016): Candidatus Borrelia kalaharica Detected from a Febrile Traveller Returning to Germany from Vacation in Southern Africa.
In: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 10(3), e0004559 [PDF, 1MB]

Pritsch, Michael, Ben-Khaled, Najib, Chaloupka, Michael, Kobold, Sebastian, Berens-Riha, Nicole, Peter, Annabell, Liegl, Gabriele, Schubert, Sören, Hoelscher, Michael, Löscher, Thomas and Wieser, Andreas (2016): Comparison of Intranasal Outer Membrane Vesicles with Cholera Toxin and Injected MF59C.1 as Adjuvants for Malaria Transmission Blocking Antigens AnAPN1 and Pfs48/45. In: Journal of Immunology Research, 3576028 [PDF, 2MB]


Heuchert, Alexander; Abduselam, Nuredin; Zeynudin, Ahmed; Eshetu, Teferi; Löscher, Thomas; Wieser, Andreas; Pritsch, Michael und Berens-Riha, Nicole: Molecular markers of anti-malarial drug resistance in southwest Ethiopia over time: regional surveillance from 2006 to 2013. In: Malaria Journal 2015, 14:208 [PDF, 516kB]

Hoch, M., Wieser, A., Löscher, Thomas, Margos, Gabriele, Pürner, F., Zühl, J., Seilmaier, M., Balzer, L., Guggemos, W., Rack-Hoch, A., Both, U. von, Hauptvogel, K., Scöenberger, K., Hautmann, W., Sing, A. and Fingerle, V. (2015): Louse-borne relapsing fever (Borrelia recurrentis) diagnosed in 15 refugees from northeast Africa: epidemiology and preventive control measures, Bavaria, Germany, July to October 2015. In: Eurosurveillance, Vol. 20, Nr. 42, 30046: S. 6-10 [PDF, 449kB]


Berens-Riha, Nicole; Kroidl, Inge; Schunk, Mirjam; Alberer, Martin; Beissner, Marcus; Pritsch, Michael; Kroidl, Arne; Fröschl, Günter; Hanus, Ingrid; Bretzel, Gisela; Sonnenburg, Frank von; Nothdurft, Hans Dieter; Löscher, Thomas und Herbinger, Karl-Heinz: Evidence for significant influence of host immunity on changes in differential blood count during malaria. In: Malaria Journal 2014, 13:155 [PDF, 1MB]

Kroidl, Arne; Kroidl, Inge; Bretzel, Gisela und Löscher, Thomas: Non-healing old world cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by L. infantum in a patient from Spain. In: BMC Infectious Diseases 2014, 14:206 [PDF, 520kB]

Seilmaier, Michael; Hartmann, Wulf; Beissner, Marcus; Fenzl, Thomas; Haller, Cathrine; Guggemos, Wolfgang; Hesse, Jan; Harle, Adinda; Bretzel, Gisela; Sack, Stefan; Wendtner, Clemens; Löscher, Thomas und Berens-Riha, Nicole: Severe Plasmodium knowlesi infection with multi-organ failure imported to Germany from Thailand/Myanmar. In: Malaria Journal 2014, 13:422 [PDF, 1MB]

Mensah, Gloria Ivy; Addo, Kennedy Kwasi; Tetteh, John Amissah; Sowah, Sandra; Löscher, Thomas; Geldmacher, Christof und Jackson-Sillah, Dolly: Cytokine response to selected MTB antigens in Ghanaian TB patients, before and at 2 weeks of anti-TB therapy is characterized by high expression of IFN-gamma and Granzyme B and inter- individual variation. In: BMC Infectious Diseases 2014, 14:495 [PDF, 2MB]

Kyeyune, Rachel; Saathoff, Elmar; Ezeamama, Amara E.; Löscher, Thomas; Fawzi, Wafaie und Guwatudde, David: Prevalence and correlates of cytopenias in HIV-infected adults initiating highly active antiretroviral therapy in Uganda. In: BMC Infectious Diseases 2014, 14:496 [PDF, 199kB]

Weller, Nina, Clowes, Petra, Dobler, Gerhard, Saathoff, Elmar, Kroidl, Inge, Ntinginya, Nyanda Elias, Maboko, Leonard, Löscher, Thomas, Hoelscher, Michael and Heinrich, Norbert (2014): Seroprevalence of Alphavirus Antibodies in a Cross-Sectional Study in Southwestern Tanzania Suggests Endemic Circulation of Chikungunya.
In: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 8(7), e2979 [PDF, 606kB]

Schüle, Steffen Andreas, Clowes, Petra, Kroidl, Inge, Kowuor, Dickens O., Nsojo, Anthony, Mangu, Chacha, Riess, Helene, Geldmacher, Christof, Laubender, Rüdiger Paul, Mhina, Seif, Maboko, Leonard, Löscher, Thomas, Hoelscher, Michael and Saathoff, Elmar (2014): Ascaris lumbricoides Infection and Its Relation to Environmental Factors in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania, a Cross-Sectional, Population-Based Study.
In: PLOS ONE 9(3), e92032 [PDF, 1MB]


Jelinek, Thomas, Nothdurft, H. D. and Löscher, Thomas (1994): Malaria in Nonimmune Travelers. A Synopsis of History, Symptoms, and Treatment in 160 Patients. In: Journal of Travel Medicine, Vol. 1, Nr. 4: S. 199-202 [PDF, 607kB]

Jelinek, Thomas and Löscher, Thomas (1994): Human infection with Gongylonema pulchrum. A case report. In: Tropical medicine and parasitology, Vol. 45, Nr. 4: S. 329-330 [PDF, 864kB]

Jelinek, Thomas, Maiwald, H., Nothdurft, H. D. and Löscher, Thomas (1994): Cutaneos larva migrans in travelers. Synopsis of histories, symptoms, and tratment of 98 patiens. In: Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol. 19, Nr. 6: S. 1062-1066 [PDF, 3MB]

Jelinek, Thomas, Ziegler, M. and Löscher, Thomas (1994): Gnathostomiasis nach Aufenthalt in Thailand. In: Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, Vol. 119, Nr. 47: S. 1618-1622 [PDF, 6MB]

Nothdurft, H. D. and Löscher, Thomas (1994): Folgen importierter Tropenkrankheiten in Deutschland. In: Versicherungsmedizin, Vol. 46, Nr. 4: S. 135-137 [PDF, 46kB]

Katzwinkel-Wladarsch, S., Löscher, Thomas and Rinder, H. (1994): Direct amplification and differentiation of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Entamoeba histolytica DNA from stool specimens. In: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol. 51, Nr. 1: S. 115-118 [PDF, 943kB]

Dobner, P., Löscher, Thomas and Rinder, H. (1994): Intra- and interspecific polymorphisms ofLeishmania donovani andL. tropica minicircle DNA. In: Parasitology Research, Vol. 80, Nr. 6: S. 474-477 [PDF, 369kB]


Hess, F. J., Killian, H. D., Nothdurft, H. D. and Löscher, Thomas (1993): Problems in the therapy of mixed malarial infections. A case of infection with Plasmodium falciparum and P. malariae treated with mefloquine and halofantrine. In: Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol. 87, Nr. 6: S. 688 [PDF, 120kB]

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Weinke, T., Nothdurft, H. D., Kretschmer, H., Fleischer, K., Löscher, Thomas, Braendli, B., Markwalder, K., Schlunk, T., Clemens, R. and Bock, H. L. (1993): Halofantrin zur Behandlung der importierten Malaria bei nicht-immunen Reisenden. In: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, Vol. 118, Nr. 8: S. 254-259 [PDF, 976kB]

Nothdurft, H. D., Clemens, R., Bock, H. L. and Löscher, Thomas (1993): Halofantrine. A new substance for treatment of multidrug-resistant malaria. In: Journal of Molecular Medicine, Vol. 71, Nr. 1: S. 69-73 [PDF, 376kB]


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Weinke, T., Löscher, Thomas, Fleischer, K., Kretschmer, H., Pohle, H. D., Kohler, B., Schlunk, T., Clemens, R. and Bock, H. L. (1992): The efficacy of halofantrine in the treatment of acute malaria in nonimmune travelers. In: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol. 47, Nr. 1: S. 1-5 [PDF, 1MB]

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Bosch, T., Hacker, H., Höfling, B. and Löscher, Thomas (1990): Fever, pericardinal and pleural effusion in a 27-year-old patient following a stay in Thailand. In: Der Internist, Vol. 31, Nr. 4: S. 291-294 [PDF, 1MB]


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Löscher, Thomas (1979): Echinococcosis. In: Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, Vol. 121, Nr. 25: S. 22

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