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Abendroth, Christian and Hofmeister, Antje and Hake, Sandra B. and Kamweru, Paul K. and Miess, Elke and Dornblut, Carsten and Küffner, Isabell and Deng, Wen and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Orthaus, Sandra and Hoischen, Christian and Diekmann, Stephan (2015): The CENP-T C-terminus is exclusively proximal to H3.1 and not to H3.2 or H3.3. In: International journal of molecular sciences, Vol. 16, No. 3: pp. 5839-5863

Smeets, Daniel and Markaki, Yolanda and Schmid, Volker J. and Kraus, Felix and Tattermusch, Anna and Cerase, Andrea and Sterr, Michael and Fiedler, Susanne and Demmerle, Justin and Popken, Jens and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Brockdorff, Neil and Cremer, Thomas and Schermelleh, Lothar and Cremer, Marion: Three-dimensional super-resolution microscopy of the inactive X chromosome territory reveals a collapse of its active nuclear compartment harboring distinct Xist RNA foci. In: Epigenetics & Chromatin 2014, 7:8 [PDF, 6MB]

Song, Congdi and Feodorova, Yana and Guy, Jacky and Peichl, Leo and Jost, Katharina Laurence and Kimura, Hiroshi and Cardoso, Maria Cristina and Bird, Adrian and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Joffe, Boris and Solovei, Irina: DNA methylation reader MECP2: cell type- and differentiation stage-specific protein distribution. In: Epigenetics & Chromatin 2014, 7:17 [PDF, 11MB]

Liu, Nan and Wang, Mengxi and Deng, Wen and Schmidt, Christine S. and Qin, Weihua and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Spada, Fabio (2013): Intrinsic and Extrinsic Connections of Tet3 Dioxygenase with CXXC Zinc Finger Modules.
In: PloS one 8(5), e62755 [PDF, 1MB]

Arand, Julia and Spieler, David and Karius, Tommy and Branco, Miguel R. and Meilinger, Daniela and Meissner, Alexander and Jenuwein, Thomas and Xu, Guoliang and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Wolf, Verena and Walter, Joern (2012): In Vivo Control of CpG and Non-CpG DNA Methylation by DNA Methyltransferases.
In: PLOS Genetics 8(6), e1002750 [PDF, 1MB]

Schmidt, Christine S. and Bultmann, Sebastian and Meilinger, Daniela and Zacher, Benedikt and Tresch, Achim and Maier, Kerstin C. and Peter, Christian and Martin, Dietmar E. and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Spada, Fabio (2012): Global DNA hypomethylation prevents consolidation of differentiation programs and allows reversion to the embryonic stem cell state.
In: PloS one 7(12), e52629 [PDF, 1MB]

Helma, Jonas and Schmidthals, Katrin and Lux, Vanda and Nüske, Stefan and Scholz, Armin M. and Kräusslich, Hans-Georg and Rothbauer, Ulrich and Leonhardt, Heinrich (2012): Direct and dynamic detection of HIV-1 in living cells.
In: PloS one 7(11), e50026 [PDF, 2MB]

Eskat, Anja and Deng, Wen and Hofmeister, Antje and Rudolphi, Sven and Emmerth, Stephan and Hellwig, Daniela and Ulbricht, Tobias and Döring, Volker and Bancroft, James M. and McAinsh, Andrew D. and Cardoso, M. Cristina and Meraldi, Patrick and Hoischen, Christian and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Diekmann, Stephan (2012): Step-wise assembly, maturation and dynamic behavior of the human CENP-P/O/R/Q/U kinetochore sub-complex.
In: PloS one 7(9), e44717 [PDF, 1MB]

Gross, Henrik and Hennard, Christine and Masouris, Ilias and Cassel, Christian and Barth, Stephanie and Stober-Grässer, Ute and Mamiani, Alfredo and Moritz, Bodo and Ostareck, Dirk and Ostareck-Lederer, Antje and Neuenkirchen, Nils and Fischer, Utz and Deng, Wen and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Noessner, Elfriede and Kremmer, Elisabeth and Grässer, Friedrich A. (2012): Binding of the heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) to the Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 (EBNA2) enhances viral LMP2A expression.
In: PloS one 7(8), e42106 [PDF, 810kB]

Frauer, Carina and Rottach, Andrea and Meilinger, Daniela and Bultmann, Sebastian and Fellinger, Karin and Hasenöder, Stefan and Wang, Mengxi and Qin, Weihua and Söding, Johannes and Spada, Fabio and Leonhardt, Heinrich (2011): Different binding properties and function of CXXC zinc finger domains in Dnmt1 and Tet1.
In: PloS one 6(2), e16627 [PDF, 2MB]

Frauer, Carina and Hoffmann, Thomas and Bultmann, Sebastian and Casa, Valentina and Cardoso, M. Cristina and Antes, Iris and Leonhardt, Heinrich (2011): Recognition of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine by the Uhrf1 SRA domain.
In: PloS one 6(6), e21306 [PDF, 648kB]

Jost, K. Laurence and Rottach, Andrea and Milden, Manuela and Bertulat, Bianca and Becker, Annette and Wolf, Patricia and Sandoval, Juan and Petazzi, Paolo and Huertas, Dori and Esteller, Manel and Kremmer, Elisabeth and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Cardoso, M. Cristina (2011): Generation and characterization of rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies specific for MeCP2 and their use in X-inactivation studies.
In: PloS one 6(11), e26499 [PDF, 1MB]

Easwaran, Hariharan P. and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Cardoso, M. Cristina: Distribution of DNA replication proteins in Drosophila cells. In: BMC Cell Biology 2007, 8:42 [PDF, 910kB]

Mortusewicz, Oliver and Leonhardt, Heinrich: XRCCI and PCNA are loading platforms with distinct kinetic properties and different capacities to respond to multiple DNA lesions. In: BMC Molecular Biology 2007, 8:81 [PDF, 436kB]

Cardoso, M. Cristina and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Nadal-Ginard, Bernardo (1993): Reversal of terminal differentiation and control of DNA replication. Cyclin A and cdk2 specifically localize at subnuclear sites of DNA replication. In: Cell, Vol. 74, No. 6: pp. 979-992 [PDF, 13MB]

Leonhardt, Heinrich and Page, Andrea W. and Weier, Heinz-Ulrich and Bestor, Timothy H. (1992): A targeting sequence directs DNA methyltransferase to sites of DNA replication in mammalian nuclei. In: Cell, Vol. 71, No. 5: pp. 865-873 [PDF, 940kB]

Czank, Andreas and Häuselmann, Remo and Page, Andrea W. and Leonhardt, Heinrich and Bestor, Timothy H. and Schaffner, Walter and Hergersberg, Martin (1991): Expression in mammalian cells of a cloned gene encoding murine DNA methyltransferase. In: Gene, Vol. 109, No. 2: pp. 259-263 [PDF, 812kB]

Book Section

Leonhardt, Heinrich and Bestor, Timothy H. (1993): Structure, function and regulation of mammalian DNA methyltransferase. In: Jost, Jean-Pierre and Saluz, Hans-Peter (eds.) : DNA methylation: molecular biology and biological significance. EXS, Vol. 64. Basel: Birkhäuser. pp. 109-119 [PDF, 1MB]

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