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Koch, Franziska, Schlenz, Florian, Prasch, Monika, Appel, Florian, Ruf, Tobias and Mauser, Wolfram (2016): Soil Moisture Retrieval Based on GPS Signal Strength Attenuation. In: Water, Vol. 8, Nr. 7, 276 [PDF, 4MB]

Mauser, Wolfram, Klepper, Gernot, Zabel, Florian, Delzeit, Ruth, Hank, Tobias, Putzenlechner, Birgitta and Calzadilla, Alvaro (2015): Global biomass production potentials exceed expected future demand without the need for cropland expansion. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 6, 8946 [PDF, 1MB]

Locherer, Matthias, Hank, Tobias, Danner, Martin and Mauser, Wolfram (2015): Retrieval of Seasonal Leaf Area Index from Simulated EnMAP Data through Optimized LUT-Based Inversion of the PROSAIL Model. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 7, Nr. 8: S. 10321-10346 [PDF, 2MB]

Guanter, Luis, Kaufmann, Hermann, Segl, Karl, Foerster, Saskia, Rogass, Christian, Chabrillat, Sabine, Kuester, Theres, Hollstein, Andre, Rossner, Godela, Chlebek, Christian, Straif, Christoph, Fischer, Sebastian, Schrader, Stefanie, Storch, Tobias, Heiden, Uta, Mueller, Andreas, Bachmann, Martin, Muehle, Helmut, Mueller, Rupert, Habermeyer, Martin, Ohndorf, Andreas, Hill, Joachim, Buddenbaum, Henning, Hostert, Patrick, Linden, Sebastian van der, Leitao, Pedro J., Rabe, Andreas, Doerffer, Roland, Krasemann, Hajo, Xi, Hongyan, Mauser, Wolfram, Hank, Tobias, Locherer, Matthias, Rast, Michael, Staenz, Karl and Sang, Bernhard (2015): The EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 7, Nr. 7: S. 8830-8857 [PDF, 6MB]

Hank, Tobias B., Bach, Heike and Mauser, Wolfram (2015): Using a Remote Sensing-Supported Hydro-Agroecological Model for Field-Scale Simulation of Heterogeneous Crop Growth and Yield: Application for Wheat in Central Europe. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 7, Nr. 4: S. 3934-3965 [PDF, 37MB]

Bach, H., Klug, P., Ruf, T., Migdall, S., Schlenz, F., Hank, T. and Mauser, Wolfram (2015): Satellite image simulations for model-supervised, dynamic retrieval of crop type and land use intensity. In: 36th International Symposium On Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 47, Nr. W3: S. 1-7 [PDF, 1MB]

Koch, Franziska, Prasch, Monika, Schmid, Lino, Schweizer, Juerg and Mauser, Wolfram (November 2014): Measuring Snow Liquid Water Content with Low-Cost GPS Receivers. In: Sensors, Vol. 14, Nr. 11: S. 20975-20999 [PDF, 7MB]

Zabel, Florian, Putzenlechner, Birgitta and Mauser, Wolfram (2014): Global Agricultural Land Resources - A High Resolution Suitability Evaluation and Its Perspectives until 2100 under Climate Change Conditions.
In: PLOS ONE 9(9), e107522 [PDF, 1MB]

Richter, Katja, Hank, Tobias B., Vuolo, Francesco, Mauser, Wolfram and D'Urso, Guido (März 2012): Optimal Exploitation of the Sentinel-2 Spectral Capabilities for Crop Leaf Area Index Mapping. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 4, Nr. 3: S. 561-582 [PDF, 767kB]

Schlenz, Florian, Fallmann, Joachim, Marzahn, Philip, Löw, Alexander and Mauser, Wolfram (Januar 2012): Characterization of Rape Field Microwave Emission and Implications to Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 4, Nr. 1: S. 247-270 [PDF, 749kB]

Koch, Franziska, Prasch, Monika, Bach, Heike, Mauser, Wolfram, Appel, Florian and Weber, Markus (Oktober 2011): How Will Hydroelectric Power Generation Develop under Climate Change Scenarios? A Case Study in the Upper Danube Basin. In: Energies, Vol. 4, Nr. 10: S. 1508-1541 [PDF, 3MB]

Oppelt, Natascha and Mauser, Wolfram (September 2007): Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging spectrometer AVIS: Design, characterization and calibration. In: Sensors, Vol. 7, Nr. 9: S. 1934-1953 [PDF, 5MB]


Muerth, Markus (2010): Bodenarten. In: Mauser, Wolfram (Hrsg.): Global change atlas : Einzugsgebiet obere Donau. München: Kap. 1.2 [PDF, 320kB]

Muerth, Markus (2009): Szenarien zur Temperatur der obersten Bodenschicht. In: Mauser, Wolfram (Hrsg.): Global change atlas : Einzugsgebiet obere Donau. München: Kap. 3.3.2 [PDF, 88kB]


Waldmann, Daniel, Muerth, Markus and Mauser, Wolfram (2012): Design and implementation of the land surface model NaturalEnvironment within the generic framework OpenDanubia for integrative, distributed environmental modelling. International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs), 1. - 5. Juli 2012, Leipzig, Deutschland. [PDF, 376kB]

Muerth, Markus, Mauser, Wolfram and Heinzeller, Christoph (2010): Impact of potential climate change on plant available soil water and percolation in the Upper Danube basin. HydroPredict 2010, 20. - 23. September 2010, Prag, Tschechische Republik. [PDF, 696kB]

Waldmann, Daniel, Muerth, Markus, Ludwig, Matthias, Schäffler, Ulrich, Heinzeller, Christoph and Mauser, Wolfram (2009): Prozessierung, Analyse und Präsentation räumlich-zeitlich verteilter Datensätze des Decision Support Systems DANUBIA. FOSSGISS 2009, 17. - 19. März 2009, Hannover, Deutschland. [PDF, 600kB]

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