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Journal article

Buhrmann, Constanze; Yazdi, Mina; Popper, Bastian; Shayan, Parviz; Goel, Ajay; Aggarwal, Bharat B.; Shakibaei, Mehdi (2018): Resveratrol Chemosensitizes TNF-β-Induced Survival of 5-FU-Treated Colorectal Cancer Cells. In: Nutrients, Vol. 10, No. 7, 888 [PDF, 2MB]

Popper, Bastian; Demleitner, Antonia; Bolivar, Valerie J.; Kusek, Gretchen; Snyder-Keller, Abigail; Schieweck, Rico; Temple, Sally; Kiebler, Michael A. (2018): Staufen2 deficiency leads to impaired response to novelty in mice. In: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Vol. 150: pp. 107-115

Subramanian, Vikram; Borchard, Sabine; Azimzadeh, Omid; Sievert, Wolfgang; Merl-Pham, Julian; Mancuso, Mariateresa; Pasquali, Emanuela; Multhoff, Gabriele; Popper, Bastian; Zischka, Hans; Atkinson, Michael J.; Tapio, Soile (2018): PPAR alpha Is Necessary for Radiation-Induced Activation of Noncanonical TGF beta Signaling in the Heart. In: Journal of Proteome Research, Vol. 17, No. 4: pp. 1677-1689

Borchard, Sabine; Bork, Francesca; Rieder, Tamara; Eberhagen, Carola; Popper, Bastian; Lichtmannegger, Josef; Schmitt, Sabine; Adamski, Jerzy; Klingenspor, Martin; Weiss, Karl-Heinz; Zischka, Hans (2018): The exceptional sensitivity of brain mitochondria to copper. In: Toxicology in Vitro, Vol. 51: pp. 11-22

Matenaers, Cyrill; Popper, Bastian; Rieger, Alexandra; Wanke, Rüdiger; Blutke, Andreas (2018): Practicable methods for histological section thickness measurement in quantitative stereological analyses.
In: PLOS One 13(2), e0192879 [PDF, 14MB]

Einer, Claudia; Hohenester, Simon; Wimmer, Ralf; Wottke, Lena; Artmann, Renate; Schulz, Sabine; Gosmann, Christian; Simmons, Alisha; Leitzinger, Christin; Eberhagen, Carola; Borchard, Sabine; Schmitt, Sabine; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Toerne, Christine von; Jastroch, Martin; Walheim, Ellen; Rust, Christian; Gerbes, Alexander L.; Popper, Bastian; Mayr, Doris; Schnurr, Max; Vollmar, Angelika M.; Denk, Gerald; Zischka, Hans (2018): Mitochondrial adaptation in steatotic mice. In: Mitochondrion, Vol. 40: pp. 1-12

Schludi, Martin H.; Becker, Lore; Garrett, Lillian; Gendron, Tania F.; Zhou, Qihui; Schreiber, Franziska; Popper, Bastian; Dimou, Leda; Strom, Tim M.; Winkelmann, Juliane; Thaden, Anne von; Rentzsch, Kristin; May, Stephanie; Michaelsen, Meike; Schwenk, Benjamin M.; Tan, Jing; Schoser, Benedikt; Dieterich, Marianne; Petrucelli, Leonard; Hölter, Sabine M.; Wurst, Wolfgang; Fuchs, Helmut; Gailus-Durner, Valerie; Hrabe de Angelis, Martin; Klopstock, Thomas; Arzberger, Thomas; Edbauer, Dieter (2017): Spinal poly-GA inclusions in a C9orf72 mouse model trigger motor deficits and inflammation without neuron loss. In: Acta Neuropathologica, Vol. 134, No. 2: pp. 241-254

Honarpisheh, Mohsen; Foresto-Neto, Orestes; Desai, Jyaysi; Steiger, Stefanie; Gomez, Lidia Anguiano; Popper, Bastian; Boor, Peter; Anders, Hans-Joachim; Mulay, Shrikant R. (2017): Phagocytosis of environmental or metabolic crystalline particles induces cytotoxicity by triggering necroptosis across a broad range of particle size and shape. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 15523 [PDF, 7MB]

Desai, Jyaysi; Foresto-Neto, Orestes; Honarpisheh, Mohsen; Steiger, Stefanie; Nakazawa, Daigo; Popper, Bastian; Buhl, Eva Miriam; Boor, Peter; Mulay, Shrikant R.; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2017): Particles of different sizes and shapes induce neutrophil necroptosis followed by the release of neutrophil extracellular trap-like chromatin. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 15003 [PDF, 2MB]

Buhrmann, Constanze; Popper, Bastian; Aggarwal, Bharat B.; Shakibaei, Mehdi (2017): Resveratrol downregulates inflammatory pathway activated by lymphotoxin alpha (TNF-beta) in articular chondrocytes: Comparison with TNF-alpha.
In: PLOS One 12(11), e0186993 [PDF, 7MB]

Follwaczny, Philipp; Schieweck, Rico; Riedemann, Therese; Demleitner, Antonia; Straub, Tobias; Klemm, Anna H.; Bilban, Martin; Sutor, Bernd; Popper, Bastian; Kiebler, Michael A. (2017): Pumilio2-deficient mice show a predisposition for epilepsy. In: Disease Models & Mechanisms, Vol. 10, No. 11: pp. 1333-1342 [PDF, 6MB]

Tato, Maia; Kumar, Santhosh V.; Liu, Yajuan; Mulay, Shrikant R.; Moll, Solange; Popper, Bastian; Eberhard, Jonathan N.; Thomasova, Dana; Rufer, Arne Christian; Gruner, Sabine; Haap, Wolfgang; Hartmann, Guido; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2017): Cathepsin S inhibition combines control of systemic and peripheral pathomechanisms of autoimmune tissue injury. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 2775 [PDF, 3MB]

Pernice, Helena F.; Schieweck, Rico; Kiebler, Michael A.; Popper, Bastian (2016): mTOR and MAPK: from localized translation control to epilepsy. In: BMC Neuroscience 17:73 [PDF, 1MB]

Rieger, Alexandra; Kemter, Elisabeth; Kumar, Sudhir; Popper, Bastian; Aigner, Bernhard; Wolf, Eckhard; Wanke, Rüdiger; Blutke, Andreas (2016): Missense Mutation of POU Domain Class 3 Transcription Factor 3 in Pou3f3(L423P) Mice Causes Reduced Nephron Number and Impaired Development of the Thick Ascending Limb of the Loop of Henle.
In: PLOS ONE 11(7), e0158977 [PDF, 7MB]

Buhrmann, Constanze; Shayan, Parviz; Popper, Bastian; Goel, Ajay; Shakibaei, Mehdi (2016): Sirt1 Is Required for Resveratrol-Mediated Chemopreventive Effects in Colorectal Cancer Cells. In: Nutrients, Vol. 8, No. 3 [PDF, 2MB]

Mulay, Shrikant R.; Desai, Jyaysi; Kumar, Santhosh V.; Eberhard, Jonathan N.; Thomasova, Dana; Romoli, Simone; Grigorescu, Melissa; Kulkarni, Onkar P.; Popper, Bastian; Vielhauer, Volker; Zuchtriegel, Gabriele; Reichel, Christoph; Bräsen, Jan Hinrich; Romagnani, Paola; Bilyy, Rostyslav; Munoz, Luis E.; Herrmann, Martin; Liapis, Helen; Krautwald, Stefan; Linkermann, Andreas; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2016): Cytotoxicity of crystals involves RIPK3-MLKL-mediated necroptosis. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 7, 10274 [PDF, 4MB]

Desai, Jyaysi; Kumar, Santhosh V.; Mulay, Shrikant R.; Konrad, Lukas; Romoli, Simone; Schauer, Christine; Herrmann, Martin; Bilyy, Rostyslav; Müller, Susanna; Popper, Bastian; Nakazawa, Daigo; Weidenbusch, Marc; Thomasova, Dana; Krautwald, Stefan; Linkermann, Andreas; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2016): PMA and crystal-induced neutrophil extracellular trap formation involves RIPK1-RIPK3-MLKL signaling. In: European Journal of Immunology, Vol. 46, No. 1: pp. 223-229

Kumar, Santhosh V. R.; Darisipudi, Murthy N.; Steiger, Stefanie; Devarapu, Satish Kumar; Tato, Maia; Kukarni, Onkar P.; Mulay, Shrikant R.; Thomasova, Dana; Popper, Bastian; Demleitner, Jana; Zuchtriegel, Gabriele; Reichel, Christoph; Cohen, Clemens D.; Lindenmeyer, Maja T.; Liapis, Helen; Moll, Solange; Reid, Emma; Stitt, Alan W.; Schott, Brigitte; Gruner, Sabine; Haap, Wolfgang; Ebeling, Martin; Hartmann, Guido; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2016): Cathepsin S Cleavage of Protease-Activated Receptor-2 on Endothelial Cells Promotes Microvascular Diabetes Complications. In: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Vol. 27, No. 6: pp. 1635-1649

Schieweck, Rico; Popper, Bastian; Kiebler, Michael A. (2016): Co-Translational Folding: A Novel Modulator of Local Protein Expression in Mammalian Neurons? In: Trends in Genetics, Vol. 32, No. 12: pp. 788-800

Thomasova, Dana; Ebrahim, Martrez; Fleckinger, Kristina; Li, Moying; Molnar, Jakob; Popper, Bastian; Liapis, Helen; Kotb, Ahmed M.; Siegerist, Florian; Endlich, Nicole; Anders, Hans-Joachim (2016): MDM2 prevents spontaneous tubular epithelial cell death and acute kidney injury. In: Cell Death & Disease, Vol. 7, e2482

Shakibaei, Mehdi; Kraehe, Patricia; Popper, Bastian; Shayan, Parviz; Goel, Ajay; Buhrmann, Constanze (2015): Curcumin potentiates antitumor activity of 5-fluorouracil in a 3D alginate tumor microenvironment of colorectal cancer. In: BMC Cancer 15:250 [PDF, 2MB]

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