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Griesshaber, Erika; Ubhi, Harvinder Singh; Schmahl, Wolfgang W. (2012): Nanometer scale microstructure and microtexture of biological materials revealed by high spatial resolution (15 to 5 kV) EBSD. In: Tewari, A.; Suwas, S.; Srivastava, D.; Samajdar, I.; Haldar, A. (eds.) : TEXTURES OF MATERIALS, PTS 1 AND 2. Vol. 702. pp. 924-927


Hjorvarsson, Bjorgvin; Pentcheva, Rossitza (2008): Modern growth problems and growth techniques. In: Zabel, H.; Bader, S. D. (eds.) : Magnetic Heterostructures: Advances and Perspective in Spinstructures and Spintransport. Vol. 227. pp. 1-44


Morris, G. W.; Somekh, R. E.; Barber, Z. H.; Williams, E. J.; Schmahl, Wolfgang W.; Evetts, J. E. (1990): The Sputter Deposition and Characterization of Epitaxial Magnesium-Oxide Thin-Films and their use as a Sapphire YBCO Buffer Layer. In: Christen, D.; Narayan, J.; Schneemeyer, L. (eds.) : High-temperature superconductors : Fundamental properties and nobel materials processing. Vol. 169. pp. 1145-1148


Park, Sohyun; Parise, John B.; Gies, Hermann (2001): Optimized synthesis and structural properties of lithosilicate RUB-29. 13 International Zeolite Conference, 8.–13. June 2001, Montpellier, France.


Park, Sohyun; Große Kunstleve, R.-W.; Graetsch, H.; Gies, Hermann (1997): The thermal expansion of the zeolites MFI, AFI, DOH, DDR, and MTN in their calcined and as synthesized forms. 11th International Zeolite Conference, 12. – 17. August 1996, Seoul, Korea.


Pina, Carlos M.; Jordan, Guntram (2010): Reactivity of mineral surfaces at nano-scale: kinetics and mechanisms of growth and dissolution. In: Brenker, Frank E.; Jordan, Guntram (eds.) : Nanoscopic Approaches in Earth and Planetray Sciences. EMU Notes in Mineralogy, Vol. 8. Twickenham, UK: Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland. pp. 239-323


Higgins, Steven R.; Stack, Andrew G.; Knauss, Kevin G.; Eggleston, Carrick M.; Jordan, Guntram (2002): Probing molecular-scale adsorption and dissolution-growth processes using nonlinear optical and scanning probe methods suitable for hydrothermal applications. In: Hellmann, Roland; Wood, Scott A. (eds.) : Water-Rock Interactions, Ore Deposits, and Environmental Geochemistry: A Tribute to David A. Crerar. The Geochemical Society, Special Publication, Vol. 7. St. Louis, MO, USA: The Geochemical Society. pp. 111-128


Moritz, Wolfgang; Günther, S.; Pussi, K. (2018): Quantitative LEED Studies on Graphene. In: Wandelt, Klaus (ed.) : Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, Surface Science and Electrochemistry. Elsevier. pp. 370-377

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