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Roche, Jörg (1988): Codewechsel und Textkonstitution. In: Linguistische Berichte, Vol. 117: S. 397-409


The use of different codes and the occurrence of codeswitching is not restricted to conversations with two or more different languages involved. This paper attempts to examine the functions of codeswitching in a monolingual variant of intercultural communication, that is, in xenolects. 'Xenolects' are defined as speech adjustments made by native speakers of one language (e. g. German) towards addressees having a different mother tongue (e. g. Turkish). Four different types of utterances each showing a particular set of characteristic and dominant features (the code inventary) are used to demonstrate textconstituing principles of codeswitching. A clear distinction is made between transfer phenomena and codeswitching. In a final section the impact of different variables on the choice of code is evaluated, and parallels to codeswitches in other types of communication are discussed.