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Reichel, Uwe D.; Mády, Katalin and Beňuš, Štefan (2015): Parameterization of prosodic headedness. Interspeech 2015, Dresden, Germany, 6. - 10. September 2015. [PDF, 309kB]


Prosodic headedness generally refers to the location of relevant prosodic events at the left or right end of prosodic constituents. In a bottom-up procedure based on a computational F0 stylization we tested several measures to quantify headedness in parametrical and categorical terms for intonation in the accentual phrase (AP) domain. These measures refer to F0 level and range trends as well as to F0 contour patterns within APs. We tested the suitability of this framework for Hungarian and French known to be left- and right-headed, respectively, and applied it to Slovak whose headedness status is yet less clear. The prosodic differences of Hungarian and French were well captured by several of the proposed parameters, so that from their values for Slovak it can be concluded that Slovak tends to be a left-headed language.

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