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Hilbert, Sven; Schwaighofer, Matthias; Zech, Alexandra; Sarubin, Nina; Arendasy, Martin and Bühner, Markus (2017): Working memory tasks train working memory but not reasonin. A material- and operation-specific investigation of transfer from working memory practice. In: Intelligence, Vol. 61: pp. 102-114

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A sample of N = 216 university students was divided into six experimental groups and an active control group. Three experimental groups were trained on the working memory operations Storage and Processing and three groups on Relational Integration, both derived from Oberauer, Süß, Wilhelm, and Wittmann (2003) model. The training material was divided into verbal, numerical, and figural content, resulting in six groups trained on one type of material within one of the two operations. Transfer was observed between verbal and numerical working memory material within the same operation, yet no transfer showed for figural material. Also, no transfer was observed between the two working memory operations. In addition, working memory training had no effect on performance in verbal, numerical, and figural reasoning tasks, regardless of the trained material or operation.

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