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Strobl, Carolin; Malley, James und Tutz, Gerhard (April 2009): An Introduction to Recursive Partitioning: Rationale, Application and Characteristics of Classification and Regression Trees, Bagging and Random Forests. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 55 [PDF, 974kB]

Strobl, Carolin; Wickelmaier, Florian und Zeileis, Achim (April 2009): Accounting for Individual Differences in Bradley-Terry Models by Means of Recursive Partitioning. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 54 [PDF, 536kB]


Caelli, Terry; Dillon, Craig; Osman, Erol und Krieger, Gerhard (1997): The IPRS Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System. In: Spatial Vision, Vol. 11, Nr. 1: S. 107-115 [PDF, 312kB]

Strasburger, Hans (1997): Use of computers and cathode-ray-tube displays in visual psychophysics. Part I. In: Spatial Vision, Vol. 10, Nr. 4: S. 301-304 [PDF, 250kB]

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