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Feil, Katharina; Feuerecker, Regina; Goldschagg, Nicolina; Strobl, Ralf; Brandt, Thomas; von Müller, Albrecht; Grill, Eva und Strupp, Michael (2018): Predictive Capability of an iPad-Based Medical Device (medx) for the Diagnosis of Vertigo and Dizziness. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 9: S. 1-9 [PDF, 614kB]


Feil, Katharina; Adrion, Christine; Teufel, Julian; Bösch, Sylvia; Claassen, Jens; Giordano, Ilaria; Hengel, Holger; Jacobi, Heike; Klockgether, Thomas; Klopstock, Thomas; Nachbauer, Wolfgang; Schöls, Ludger; Stendel, Claudia; Uslar, Ellen; Warrenburg, Bart van de; Berger, Ingrid; Naumann, Ivonne; Bayer, Otmar; Müller, Hans-Helge; Mansmann, Ulrich und Strupp, Michael: Effects of acetyl-DL-leucine on cerebellar ataxia (ALCAT trial): study protocol for a multicenter, multinational, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover phase III trial. In: BMC Neurology 2017, 17: S. 7 [PDF, 615kB]


Teufel, Julian; Bardins, Stanislaw; Spiegel, Rainer; Kremmyda, Olympia; Schneider, Erich; Strupp, Michael und Kalla, Roger: Real-time computer-based visual feedback improves visual acuity in downbeat nystagmus - a pilot study. In: Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 2016, 13:1 [EPUB, 139kB]

Obrist, Dominik; Nienhaus, Andrea; Zamaro, Ewa; Kalla, Roger; Mantokoudis, Georgios und Strupp, Michael (2016): Determinants for a Successful Semont Maneuver: An In vitro Study With a Semicircular Canal Model. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 7, 150 [PDF, 2MB]

Feil, Katharina; Boettcher, Nicolina; Lezius, Franziska; Habs, Maximilian; Hoegen, Tobias; Huettemann, Katrin; Muth, Carolin; Eren, Ozan; Schoeberl, Florian; Zwergal, Andreas; Bayer, Otmar und Strupp, Michael (2016): Clinical evaluation of the bed cycling test. In: Brain and Behavior, Vol. 6, Nr. 5, e00445 [PDF, 229kB]

Yip, Chun Wai; Glaser, Miriam; Frenzel, Claudia; Bayer, Otmar und Strupp, Michael (2016): Comparison of the Bedside Head-Impulse Test with the Video Head-Impulse Test in a Clinical Practice Setting: A Prospective Study of 500 Outpatients. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 7 [PDF, 466kB]

Kremmyda, Olympia; Hüfner, Katharina; Flanagin, Virginia L.; Hamilton, Derek A.; Linn, Jennifer; Strupp, Michael; Jahn, Klaus und Brandt, Thomas (2016): Beyond Dizziness: Virtual Navigation, Spatial Anxiety and Hippocampal Volume in Bilateral Vestibulopathy. In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Vol. 10, 139 [PDF, 1MB]


Adamczyk, Christopher; Strupp, Michael; Jahn, Klaus und Horn, Anja K. E. (2015): Calretinin as a Marker for Premotor Neurons Involved in Upgaze in Human Brainstem. In: Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, Vol. 9, 153 [PDF, 2MB]

Günther, Lisa; Beck, Roswitha; Xiong, Guoming; Potschka, Heidrun; Jahn, Klaus; Bartenstein, Peter; Brandt, Thomas; Dutia, Mayank; Dieterich, Marianne; Strupp, Michael; la Fougere, Christian und Zwergal, Andreas (2015): N-Acetyl-L-Leucine Accelerates Vestibular Compensation after Unilateral Labyrinthectomy by Action in the Cerebellum and Thalamus.
In: PLOS ONE 10(3), e0120891 [PDF, 1MB]

Lahmann, Claas; Henningsen, Peter; Brandt, Thomas; Strupp, Michael; Jahn, Klaus; Dieterich, Marianne; Eckhardt-Henn, Annegret; Feuerecker, Regina; Dinkel, Andreas und Schmid, Gabriele (2015): Psychiatric comorbidity and psychosocial impairment among patients with vertigo and dizziness. In: Journal if neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, Vol. 86, Nr. 3: S. 302-308 [PDF, 321kB]


Claassen, Jens; Spiegel, Rainer; Kalla, Roger; Faldon, Mary; Kennard, Christopher; Danchaivijitr, Chotipat; Bardins, Stanislaw; Rettinger, Nicole; Schneider, Erich; Brandt, Thomas; Jahn, Klaus; Teufel, Julian; Strupp, Michael und Bronstein, Adolfo (Dezember 2013): A randomised double-blind, cross-over trial of 4-aminopyridine for downbeat nystagmus-effects on slowphase eye velocity, postural stability, locomotion and symptoms. In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 84, Nr. 12: S. 1392-1399 [PDF, 1MB]

Strupp, Michael (Oktober 2013): Ion channel disorders: still a fascinating topicnews on episodic ataxia type 1. In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 84, Nr. 10: S. 1063-1064 [PDF, 150kB]

Schniepp, Roman; Jakl, Veronika; Wühr, Max; Havla, Joachim; Kümpfel, Tanja; Dieterich, Marianne; Strupp, Michael und Jahn, Klaus (April 2013): Treatment with 4-aminopyridine improves upper limb tremor of a patient with multiple sclerosis: a video case report. In: Multiple Sclerosis Journal, Vol. 19, Nr. 4: S. 506-508 [PDF, 812kB]

Strupp, Michael und Borruat, Francois-Xavier (Februar 2013): Editorial: Current Opinion in Neurology. In: Current Opinion in Neurology, Vol. 26, Nr. 1: S. 43-44 [PDF, 84kB]

Strupp, Michael und Brandt, Thomas (Februar 2013): Peripheral vestibular disorders. In: Current Opinion in Neurology, Vol. 26, Nr. 1: S. 81-89 [PDF, 205kB]

Neugebauer, Hermann; Adrion, Christine; Glaser, Miriam und Strupp, Michael (2013): Long-Term Changes of Central Ocular Motor Signs in Patients with Vestibular Migraine. In: European Neurology, Nr. 2: S. 102-107 [PDF, 143kB]

Agus, Sam; Benecke, Heike; Thum, Cornelia und Strupp, Michael (2013): Clinical and demographic features of vertigo: findings from the REVERT registry. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 4, 48 [PDF, 1MB]

Benecke, Heike; Agus, Sam; Kuessner, Daniel; Goodall, Gordon und Strupp, Michael (2013): The burden and impact of vertigo: findings from the REVERT patient registry. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 4, 136 [PDF, 2MB]


Ihler, Fritz; Bertlich, Mattis; Sharaf, Kariem; Strieth, Sebastian; Strupp, Michael und Canis, Martin (2012): Betahistine exerts a dose-dependent effect on cochlear stria vascularis blood flow in guinea pigs in vivo.
In: PLOS ONE 7(6), e39086 [PDF, 301kB]

Rieger, Anna; Bayer, Otmar; Strupp, Michael und Mansmann, Ulrich (2012): Räumliche Analyse von Schwindelerkrankungen in Bayern. Gemeinsamer Workshop der AG Health Geography und der AG Sozialepidemiologie in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie e.V., 19.-20.04.2012, Berlin.


Freilinger, Tobias; Heuck, Andreas; Strupp, Michael und Jund, Rainer (2010): Hypoglossal nerve palsy due to internal carotid artery dissection. In: Vascular Medicine, Vol. 10, Nr. 5: S. 435-436 [PDF, 570kB]


Wagner, Judith N.; Glaser, Mirjam; Brandt, Thomas und Strupp, Michael (2008): Downbeat nystagmus: aetiology and comorbidity in 117 patients. In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Vol. 79, Nr. 6: S. 672-677 [PDF, 207kB]

Zingler, Vera C.; Weintz, E.; Jahn, Klaus; Mike, A.; Huppert, Doreen; Rettinger, Nicole; Brandt, Thomas und Strupp, Michael (2008): Follow-up of vestibular function in bilateral vestibulopathy. In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Vol. 79, Nr. 3: S. 284-288 [PDF, 189kB]

Cnyrim, C. D.; Newman-Toker, D.; Karch, C.; Brandt, Thomas und Strupp, Michael (2008): Bedside differentiation of vestibular neuritis from central "vestibular pseudoneuritis". In: Journal fo Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 79: S. 458-460 [PDF, 145kB]

Strupp, Michael; Hupert, Doreen; Frenzel, Claudia; Wagner, Judith; Hahn, Ales; Jahn, Klaus; Zingler, Vera-Carina; Mansmann, Ulrich und Brandt, Thomas (2008): Long-term prophylactic treatment of attacks of vertigo in Meniere's disease--comparison of a high with a low dosage of betahistine in an open trial. In: Acta Oto-Laryngologica, Vol. 128, Nr. 5: S. 520-524


Zingler, Vera C.; Grau, Stefan; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Jahn, Klaus; Linn, Jennifer; Brandt, Thomas und Strupp, Michael (2007): Superficial cerebral and spinal haemosiderosis caused by secondary tethered cord syndrome after resection of a spinal lymphoma. In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Vol. 78, Nr. 7: S. 767-768 [PDF, 670kB]

Cnyrim, Christian Daniel; Rettinger, Nicole; Mansmann, Ulrich; Brandt, Thomas und Strupp, Michael (2007): Central compensation of deviated subjective visual vertical in Wallenberg's syndrome. In: Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 78: S. 527-528 [PDF, 143kB]


Arbusow, Viktor; Theil, Diethilde; Strupp, Michael; Mascolo, Andrea und Brandt, Thomas (2001): HSV-1 not only in human vestibular ganglia but also in the vestibular labyrinth. In: Audiology and Neuro-Otology, Nr. 5: S. 259-262 [PDF, 203kB]


Quasthoff, Stefan; Strupp, Michael und Grafe, Peter (1992): High conductance anion channel in Schwann cell vesicles from rat spinal roots. In: Glia, Vol. 5, Nr. 1: S. 17-24 [PDF, 757kB]

Strupp, Michael; Quasthoff, Stefan; Mitrović, N. und Grafe, Peter (1992): Glutathione accelerates sodium channel inactivation in excised rat axonal membrane patches. In: Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology, Vol. 421, Nr. 2-3: S. 283-285 [PDF, 349kB]


Strupp, Michael und Grafe, Peter (1991): A chloride channel in rat and human axons. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 133, Nr. 2: S. 237-240 [PDF, 344kB]

Strupp, Michael; Jund, R.; Schneider, Uwe und Grafe, Peter (1991): Glucose availability and sensitivity to anoxia of isolated rat peripheral nerve. In: American Journal of Physiology, Vol. 261, Nr. 1, E389-E394 [PDF, 1MB]


Grafe, Peter; Quasthoff, Stefan; Strupp, Michael und Lehmann-Horn, Frank (1990): Enhancement of K+ conductance improves in vitro the contraction force of skeletal muscle in hypokalemic periodic paralysis. In: Muscle and Nerve, Vol. 13, Nr. 5: S. 451-457 [PDF, 456kB]

Strupp, Michael; Bostock, Hugh; Weigl, Paul; Piwernetz, Klaus; Renner, Rolf und Grafe, Peter (1990): Is resistance to ischaemia of motor axons in diabetic subjects due to membrane depolarization? In: Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Vol. 99, Nr. 2-3: S. 271-280 [PDF, 591kB]

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