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Aichele, Rahel; Felbermayr, Gabriel; Heiland, Inga (July 2016): Going Deep. The Trade and Welfare Effects of TTIP Revised. Ifo Working Paper No. 219,

Aichele, Rahel; Felbermayr, Gabriel; Heiland, Inga (2016): TTIP and Intra-European Trade. Boon or Bane? In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Vol. 236, No. 6: pp. 639-664 [PDF, 2MB]

Ariu, Andrea; Breinlich, Holger; Corcos, Gregory; Mion, Giordano (January 2019): The interconnections between services and goods trade at the firm-level. In: Journal of International Economics, Vol. 116: pp. 173-188


Breinlich, Holger; Nocke, Volker; Schulz, Nicolas (21. September 2015): Merger Policy in a Quantitative Model of International Trade. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 519 [PDF, 800kB]


Cole, Matthew T.; Eckel, Carsten (April 2014): Tariffs Passing Through Retailers. Do Tariffs Actually Protect Domestic Manufacturers?


Dorn, Florian; Krause, Manuela; Potrafke, Niklas; Weishaar, Daniel (29. September 2016): Die Freihandelsabkommen TTIP und CETA und ihre Auswirkungen. Was sagen die Ökonomen? In: ifo Schnelldienst, Vol. 69, No. 18: pp. 41-46


Felbermayr, Gabriel (April 2016): Economic Analysis of TTIP. Ifo Working Paper No. 215,

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Aichele, Rahel; Heiland, Inga (September 2016): TTIP and intra-European trade. Boon or bane? Ifo Working Paper No. 220,

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Kohler, Wilhelm K. (2007): Does WTO membership make a difference at the extensive margin of world trade? CESifo Working Paper,


Glowicka, Ela (October 2005): Bailouts in a common market: a strategic approach. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 177 [PDF, 305kB]

Gäbler, Stefanie; Krause, Manuela; Kremheller, Antonia; Lorenz, Luisa; Potrafke, Niklas (13. April 2017): Die Brexit-Verhandlungen. Inhalt und Konsequenzen für das Vereinigte Königreich und die EU. In: ifo Schnelldienst, Vol. 70, No. 7: pp. 55-59


Hansen, Thorsten (April 2010): Exports and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of German and Austrian Firm-Level Performance. Discussion Papers in Economics 2010-22 [PDF, 372kB]

Hansen, Thorsten (April 2010): Exports and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of German and Austrian Firm-Level Performance. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 317 [PDF, 349kB]

Hansen, Thorsten (April 2010): Tariff Rates, Offshoring and Productivity: Evidence from German and Austrian Firm-Level Data. Discussion Papers in Economics 2010-21 [PDF, 436kB]

Haufler, Andreas; Nielsen, Søren Bo (July 2005): Merger Policy to Promote Global Players? A Simple Model. Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-13 [PDF, 260kB]


Jorzik, Nathalie; Mueller-Langer, Frank (February 2013): Multilateral Stability and Efficiency of Trade Agreements: A Network Formation Approach. Discussion Papers in Economics 2013-3 [PDF, 229kB]


Mukunoki, Hiroshi; Okoshi, Hirofumi (March 2019): Rules of Origin and Consumer-Hurting Free Trade Agreements. Discussion Papers in Economics 2019-1 [PDF, 520kB]


Seitz, Michael; Tarasov, Alexander; Zakharenko, Roman (1. July 2013): Trade Costs, Conflicts, and Defense Spending. Discussion Papers in Economics 2013-11 [PDF, 408kB]

Spree, Reinhard (April 2003): Concerns about globalisation - then and now. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-4 [PDF, 106kB]

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