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Nistor, Nicolae ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9956-1670; Dehne, Anina and Drews, Frank Thomas (2010): Mass customization of teaching and learning in organizations. Design principles and prototype evaluation. In: Studies in Continuing Education, Vol. 32, No. 3: pp. 251-267 [PDF, 464kB]


In search of methods that improve the efficiency of teaching and training in organizations, several authors point out that mass customization (MC) is a principle that covers individual needs of knowledge and skills and, at the same time, limits the development costs of customized training to those of mass training. MC is proven and established in the economic sector, and shows high potential for continuing education, too. The paper explores this potential and proposes a multidisciplinary, pragmatic approach to teaching and training in organizations. The first section of the paper formulates four design principles of MC deduced from an examination of economics literature. The second section presents amit™, a frame for mass customized training, designed according to the principles presented in the first section. The evaluation results encourage the further development and use of mass customized training in continuing education, and offer suggestions for future research.

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