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Koch, Nikolas ORCID: 0000-0001-6917-9318; Hartmann, Stefan; Endesfelder Quick, Antje (2022): Traceback and Chunk-Based Learning. Comparing Usage-Based Computational Approaches to Child Code-Mixing. In: Languages, Vol. 7, No. 4, 271
Creative Commons Attribution 2MB


Recent years have seen increased interest in code-mixing from a usage-based perspective. In usage-based approaches to monolingual language acquisition, a number of methods have been developed that allow for detecting patterns from usage data. In this paper, we evaluate two of those methods with regard to their performance when applied to code-mixing data: the traceback method, as well as the chunk-based learner model. Both methods make it possible to automatically detect patterns in speech data. In doing so, however, they place different theoretical emphases: while traceback focuses on frame-and-slot patterns, chunk-based learner focuses on chunking processes. Both methods are applied to the code-mixing of a German–English bilingual child between the ages of 2;3 and 3;11. Advantages and disadvantages of both methods will be discussed, and the results will be interpreted against the background of usage-based approaches.