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Clark, Timothy; Davies, Hugh; Mansmann, Ulrich: Five questions that need answering when considering the design of clinical trials. In: Trials 2014, 15:286 [PDF, 221kB]

Kolligs, Frank Thomas; Crispin, Alexander; Graser, Anno; Munte, Axel; Mansmann, Ulrich; Göke, Burkhard (Juni 2013): Risk factors for advanced neoplasia within subcentimetric polyps: implications for diagnostic imaging. In: Gut, Vol. 62, Nr. 6: S. 863-870 [PDF, 214kB]

Schönberger, Katharina; Riedel, Christina; Rückinger, Simon; Mansmann, Ulrich; Jilg, Wolfgang; Kries, Rüdiger von (April 2013): Determinants of Long-term Protection After Hepatitis B Vaccination in Infancy: A Meta-analysis. In: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Vol. 32, Nr. 4: S. 307-313 [PDF, 503kB]

Clark, Timothy; Berger, Ursula; Mansmann, Ulrich (März 2013): Sample size determinations in original research protocols for randomised clinical trials submitted to UK research ethics committees: review. In: BMJ British Medical Journal, Vol. 346 [PDF, 388kB]

Rochat, Mascha K.; Laubender, Ruediger P.; Kuster, Daniela; Braendli, Otto; Moeller, Alexander; Mansmann, Ulrich; Mutius, Erika von; Wildhaber, Johannes (2013): Spirometry reference equations for central European populations from school age to old age.
In: PloS one 8(1), e52619 [PDF, 350kB]

Crispin, Alexander; Mansmann, Ulrich; Munte, Axel; op den Winkel, Mark; Göke, Burkhard; Kolligs, Frank Thomas (2013): A Direct Comparison of the Prevalence of Advanced Adenoma and Cancer between Surveillance and Screening Colonoscopies. In: Digestion, Nr. 3: S. 170-175 [PDF, 433kB]

Hauer, Daniela; Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana; Laubender, Rüdiger Paul; Mansmann, Ulrich; Hagl, Christian; Roozendaal, Benno; Quervain, Dominique J.-F. de; Schelling, Gustav: A genotype-specific, randomized controlled behavioral intervention to improve the neuroemotional outcome of cardiac surgery: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. In: Trials 2013, 14:89 [PDF, 1MB]

Adrion, Christine; Mansmann, Ulrich: Bayesian model selection techniques as decision support for shaping a statistical analysis plan of a clinical trial: An example from a vertigo phase III study with longitudinal count data as primary endpoint. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2012, 12:137 [PDF, 1MB]

Strobl, Ralf; Grill, Eva; Mansmann, Ulrich: Graphical modeling of binary data using the LASSO: a simulation study. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2012, 12:16 [PDF, 572kB]

Kolligs, Frank T.; Crispin, Alexander; Munte, Axel; Wagner, Andreas; Mansmann, Ulrich; Göke, Burkhard (2011): Risk of advanced colorectal neoplasia according to age and gender.
In: PloS one 6(5), e20076 [PDF, 209kB]

Kalisch, Markus; Fellinghauer, Bernd A. G.; Grill, Eva; Maathuis, Marloes H.; Mansmann, Ulrich; Buehlmann, Peter; Stucki, Gerold: Understanding human functioning using graphical models. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2010, 10:14 [PDF, 396kB]

Veldman, Alex; Fischer, Doris; Wong, Flora Y.; Kreuz, Wolfhart; Sasse, Michael; Eberspaecher, Bruno; Mansmann, Ulrich; Schosser, Rudolf: Human protein C concentrate in the treatment of purpura fulminans: a retrospective analysis of safety and outcome in 94 pediatric patients. In: Critical Care 2010, 14:R156 [PDF, 404kB]

Coulibaly, Boubacar; Zoungrana, Augustin; Mockenhaupt, Frank P.; Schirmer, R. Heiner; Klose, Christina; Mansmann, Ulrich; Meissner, Peter E.; Müller, Olaf (2009): Strong gametocytocidal effect of methylene blue-based combination therapy against falciparum malaria. A randomised controlled trial.
In: PloS one 4(5), e5318 [PDF, 194kB]

Stülpnagel, Celina von; Reilich, Peter; Straube, Andreas; Schäfer, Jan; Blaschek, Astrid; Lee, Seung-Hee; Müller-Felber, Wolfgang; Henschel, Volkmar; Mansmann, Ulrich; Heinen, Florian (2009): Myofascial Trigger Points in Children With Tension-Type Headache: A New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Option. In: Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 24, Nr. 4: S. 406-409 [PDF, 109kB]

Scholl, Hendrik P. N.; Fleckenstein, Monika; Fritsche, Lars G.; Schmitz-Valckenberg, Steffen; Göbel, Arno; Adrion, Christine; Herold, Christine; Keilhauer, Claudia N; Mackensen, Friederike; Mössner, Andreas; Pauleikhoff, Daniel; Weinberger, Andreas W. A.; Mansmann, Ulrich; Holz, Frank G.; Becker, Tim; Weber, Bernhard H. F. (2009): CFH, C3 and ARMS2 are significant risk loci for susceptibility but not for disease progression of geographic atrophy due to AMD.
In: PloS one 4(10), e7418 [PDF, 186kB]

Grond-Ginsbach, Caspar; Horstmann, Solveig; Hummel, Manuela; Wiest, Tina; Honold, Cornelius; Pfleger, Karin; Hergenhahn, Manfred; Hollstein, Monika; Weninger, Annette; Knyazev, Yuri; Mansmann, Ulrich; Wagner, Simone; Grau, Armin J. (2009): Increased Expression of Cell-Cell Signaling Genes by Stimulated Mononuclear Leukocytes in Patients with Previous Atherothrombotic Stroke A Whole Genome Expression Profile Study. In: European Neurology, Nr. 1: S. 30-39 [PDF, 196kB]

Fleckenstein, Johannes; Kramer, Sybille; Hoffrogge, Philipp; Thoma, Sarah; Lang, Philip M.; Lehmeyer, Lukas; Schober, Gabriel M.; Pfab, Florian; Ring, Johannes; Weisenseel, Peter; Schotten, Klaus J.; Mansmann, Ulrich; Irnich, Dominik: Acupuncture in acute herpes zoster pain therapy (ACUZoster) - design and protocol of a randomised controlled trial. In: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2009, 9:31 [PDF, 593kB]

Henschel, Volkmar; Engel, Jutta; Hoelzel, Dieter; Mansmann, Ulrich: A semiparametric Bayesian proportional hazards model for interval censored data with frailty effects. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2009, 9:9 [PDF, 579kB]

Zoungrana, Augustin; Coulibaly, Boubacar; Sié, Ali; Walter-Sack, Ingeborg; Mockenhaupt, Frank P.; Kouyaté, Bocar; Schirmer, R. Heiner; Klose, Christina; Mansmann, Ulrich; Meissner, Peter E.; Müller, Olaf (2008): Safety and efficacy of methylene blue combined with artesunate or amodiaquine for uncomplicated falciparum malaria. A randomized controlled trial from Burkina Faso.
In: PloS one 3(2), e1630 [PDF, 170kB]

Beyerlein, Andreas; Fahrmeir, Ludwig; Mansmann, Ulrich; Toschke, Andre M.: Alternative regression models to assess increase in childhood BMI. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2008, 8:59 [PDF, 428kB]

Cnyrim, Christian Daniel; Rettinger, Nicole; Mansmann, Ulrich; Brandt, Thomas; Strupp, Michael (2007): Central compensation of deviated subjective visual vertical in Wallenberg's syndrome. In: Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 78: S. 527-528 [PDF, 143kB]

Meissner, Peter E.; Mandi, Germain; Coulibaly, Boubacar; Witte, Steffen; Tapsoba, Theophile; Mansmann, Ulrich; Rengelshausen, Jens; Schiek, Wolfgang; Jahn, Albrecht; Walter-Sack, Ingeborg; Mikus, Gerd; Burhenne, Juergen; Riedel, Klaus-Dieter; Schirmer, R. Heiner; Kouyate, Bocar; Mueller, Olaf: Methylene blue for malaria in Africa: results from a dose-finding study in combination with chloroquine. In: Malaria Journal 2006, 5:84 [PDF, 246kB]


Laubender, Rüdiger P.; Mansmann, Ulrich (24. Dezember 2014): Estimating individual treatment effects from responses and a predictive biomarker in a parallel group RCT. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 176 [PDF, 2MB]

Jelizarow, Monika; Mansmann, Ulrich; Goeman, Jelle J. (14. August 2014): A Cochran-Armitage-type and a score-free global test for multivariate ordinal data. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 168 [PDF, 355kB]

Jelizarow, Monika; Cieza, Alarcos; Mansmann, Ulrich (17. April 2013): Global permutation tests for multivariate ordinal data: alternatives, test statistics, and the null dilemma. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 142 [PDF, 727kB]

Schmidberger, Markus; Morgan, Martin; Eddelbuettel, Dirk; Yu, Hao; Tierney, Luke; Mansmann, Ulrich (2009): State-of-the-Art in Parallel Computing with R. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, Nr. 47 Journal of Statistical Software, 31 [PDF, 525kB]

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