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Sjuts, Inga; Soll, Jürgen; Bölter, Bettina (Februar 2017): Import of Soluble Proteins into Chloroplasts and Potential Regulatory Mechanisms. In: Frontiers in plant science, Vol. 8, 168 [PDF, 1MB]

Goetze, Tom Alexander; Patil, Manali; Jeshen, Ingrid; Bölter, Bettina; Grahl, Sabine; Soll, Jürgen: Oep23 forms an ion channel in the chloroplast outer envelope. In: BMC Plant Biology 2015, 15:47 [PDF, 1MB]

Li, Nannan; Gügel, Irene Luise; Giavalisco, Patrick; Zeisler, Viktoria; Schreiber, Lukas; Soll, Jürgen; Philippar, Katrin (2015): FAX1, a Novel Membrane Protein Mediating Plastid Fatty Acid Export.
In: PLOS Biology 13(2), UNSP e1002053 [PDF, 2MB]

Chang, WaiLing; Soll, Jürgen; Bölter, Bettina (2014): A new member of the psToc159 family contributes to distinct protein targeting pathways in pea chloroplasts. In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 5, 239 [PDF, 3MB]

Chang, Wai-Ling; Soll, Jürgen; Bölter, Bettina (2012): The gateway to chloroplast: re-defining the function of chloroplast receptor proteins. In: Biological Chemistry, Vol. 393, Nr. 11: S. 1263-1277 [PDF, 764kB]

Kovacs-Bogdan, Erika; Benz, J. Philipp; Soll, Jürgen; Bölter, Bettina: Tic20 forms a channel independent of Tic110 in chloroplasts. In: BMC Plant Biology 2011, 11:133 [PDF, 1MB]

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Schulze-Siebert, D.; Homeyer, U.; Soll, Jürgen; Schultz, Gernot (1987): Synthesis of Plastoquinone-9, α-Tocopherol and Phylloquinone (Vitamine K1) and its integration in chloroplast carbon metabolism of higher plants. 17. Internat. Symposium on Plant Lipids, Univ. of California, Davis, July 27 - August 1, 1986, Davis, California. [PDF, 1MB]

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