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Grimm, Bernhard; Porra, Robert J.; Rüdiger, Wolfhart; Scheer, Hugo (eds.) (2005): Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Functions and Applications. : Springer Verlag. [PDF, 196kB]

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Abendroth, Christian; Hofmeister, Antje; Hake, Sandra B.; Kamweru, Paul K.; Miess, Elke; Dornblut, Carsten; Küffner, Isabell; Deng, Wen; Leonhardt, Heinrich; Orthaus, Sandra; Hoischen, Christian; Diekmann, Stephan (2015): The CENP-T C-terminus is exclusively proximal to H3.1 and not to H3.2 or H3.3. In: International journal of molecular sciences, Vol. 16, No. 3: pp. 5839-5863

Abrahamczyk, Stefan; Renner, Susanne S.: The temporal build-up of hummingbird/plant mutualisms in North America and temperate South America. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015, 15:104 [PDF, 2MB]

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Albareda, Marta; Manyani, Hamid; Imperial, Juan; Brito, Belen; Ruiz-Argueeso, Tomas; Boeck, August; Palacios, Jose-Manuel: Dual role of HupF in the biosynthesis of [NiFe] hydrogenase in Rhizobium leguminosarum. In: BMC Microbiology 2012, 12:256 [PDF, 1MB]

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Allais-Bonnet, Aurélie; Grohs, Cécile; Medugorac, Ivica; Krebs, Stefan; Djari, Anis; Graf, Alexander; Fritz, Sébastien; Seichter, Doris; Baur, Aurélia; Russ, Ingolf; Bouet, Stéphan; Rothammer, Sophie; Wahlberg, Per; Esquerré, Diane; Hoze, Chris; Boussaha, Mekki; Weiss, Bernard; Thépot, Dominique; Fouilloux, Marie-Noëlle; Rossignol, Marie-Noëlle; van Marle-Köster, Este; Elín Hreiðarsdóttir, Gunnfríður; Barbey, Sarah; Dozias, Dominique; Cobo, Emilie; Reverse, Patrick; Catros, Olivier; Marchand, Jean-Luc; Soulas, Pascal; Roy, Pierre; Marquant-Leguienne, Brigitte; Le Bourhis, Daniel; Clément, Laetitia; Salas-Cortes, Laura; Venot, Eric; Pannetier, Maëlle; Phocas, Florence; Klopp, Christophe; Rocha, Dominique; Fouchet, Michel; Journaux, Laurent; Bernard-Capel, Carine; Ponsart, Claire; Eggen, André; Blum, Helmut; Gallard, Yves; Boichard, Didier; Pailhoux, Eric; Capitan, Aurélien (2013): Novel Insights into the Bovine Polled Phenotype and Horn Ontogenesis in Bovidae.
In: PloS one 8(5), e63512 [PDF, 1MB]

Amrein, Irmgard; Dechmann, Dina K. N.; Winter, York; Lipp, Hans-Peter (2007): Absent or low rate of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus of bats (Chiroptera).
In: PloS one (5), e455 [PDF, 360kB]

Amsili, Shira; Zer, Hagit; Hinderlich, Stephan; Krause, Sabine; Becker-Cohen, Michal; MacArthur, Daniel G.; North, Kathryn N.; Mitrani-Rosenbaum, Stella (2008): UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase (GNE) binds to alpha-actinin 1: novel pathways in skeletal muscle?
In: PloS one 3(6), e2477 [PDF, 799kB]

Anetzberger, Claudia; Schell, Ursula; Jung, Kirsten: Single cell analysis of Vibrio harveyi uncovers functional heterogeneity in response to quorum sensing signals. In: BMC Microbiology 2012, 12:209 [PDF, 1MB]

Arand, Julia; Spieler, David; Karius, Tommy; Branco, Miguel R.; Meilinger, Daniela; Meissner, Alexander; Jenuwein, Thomas; Xu, Guoliang; Leonhardt, Heinrich; Wolf, Verena; Walter, Joern (June 2012): In Vivo Control of CpG and Non-CpG DNA Methylation by DNA Methyltransferases.
In: PLOS Genetics 8(6), e1002750 [PDF, 1MB]

Araujo, Ana Carolina V.; Abreu, Fernanda; Tavares Silva, Karen; Bazylinski, Dennis A.; Lins, Ulysses (January 2015): Magnetotactic Bacteria as Potential Sources of Bioproducts. In: Marine Drugs, Vol. 13, No. 1: pp. 389-430 [PDF, 1MB]

Arif, Muhammad Asif; Frank, Wolfgang; Khraiwesh, Basel (January 2013): Role of RNA Interference (RNAi) in the Moss Physcomitrella patens. In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 14, No. 1: pp. 1516-1540 [PDF, 968kB]

Armbruster, Ute; Hertle, Alexander; Makarenko, Elina; Zühlke, Jessica; Pribil, Mathias; Dietzmann, Angela; Schliebner, Ivo; Aseeva, Elena; Fenino, Elena; Scharfenberg, Michael; Voigt, Christian; Leister, Dario (2009): Chloroplast Proteins without Cleavable Transit Peptides. Rare Exceptions or a Major Constituent of the Chloroplast Proteome? In: Molecular plant, Vol. 2, No. 6: pp. 1325-1335 [PDF, 540kB]

Armbruster, Ute; Pesaresi, Paolo; Pribil, Mathias; Hertle, Alexander; Leister, Dario (5. October 2010): Update on chloroplast research. New tools, new topics, and new trends. In: Molecular plant, Vol. 4, No. 1: pp. 1-16 [PDF, 406kB]

Armbruster, Ute; Zühlke, Jessica; Rengstl, Birgit; Kreller, Renate; Makarenko, Elina; Rühle, Thilo; Schünemann, Danja; Jahns, Peter; Weisshaar, Bernd; Nickelsen, Jörg; Leister, Dario (2010): The Arabidopsis Thylakoid Protein PAM68 Is Required for Efficient D1 Biogenesis and Photosystem II Assembly. In: The plant cell, Vol. 22, No. 10: pp. 3439-3460 [PDF, 2MB]

Armstrong, Neil J.; Fagotto, François; Prothmann, Christian; Rupp, Ralph A. W. (2012): Maternal Wnt/β-catenin signaling coactivates transcription through NF-κB binding sites during Xenopus axis formation.
In: PloS one 7(5), e36136 [PDF, 1MB]

Awan, Faisal Saeed; Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad; Khan, Asif Ali; Schneider, Anja; Altaf, Javaria; Ahmad, Rashid; Leister, Dario (2008): Screening of Arabidopsis mutants for functional genomic studies. In: Pakistan journal of botany, Vol. 40, No. 5: pp. 2071-2080 [PDF, 225kB]

Bachmeier, Beatrice; Fichtner, Iduna; Killian, Peter H.; Kronski, Emanuel; Pfeffer, Ulrich; Efferth, Thomas (2011): Development of resistance towards artesunate in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.
In: PloS one 6(5), e20550 [PDF, 855kB]

Baeumler, Natalie; Haszprunar, Gerhard; Ruthensteiner, Bernhard: Development of the excretory system in a polyplacophoran mollusc: stages in metanephridial system development. In: Frontiers in Zoology 2012, 9:23 [PDF, 20MB]

Balke, Michael; Schmidt, Stefan; Hausmann, Axel; Toussaint, Emmanuel F. A.; Bergsten, Johannes; Buffington, Matthew; Haeuser, Christoph L.; Kroupa, Alexander; Hagedorn, Gregor; Riedel, Alexander; Polaszek, Andrew; Ubaidillah, Rosichon; Krogmann, Lars; Zwick, Andreas; Fikacek, Martin; Hajek, Jiri; Michat, Mariano C.; Dietrich, Christopher; La Salle, John; Mantle, Beth; Ng, Peter K. L.; Hobern, Donald: Biodiversity into your hands - A call for a virtual global natural history `metacollection'. In: Frontiers in Zoology 2013, 10 [PDF, 645kB]

Ballhorn, Uwe; Jubanski, Juilson; Siegert, Florian (2011): ICESat/GLAS Data as a Measurement Tool for Peatland Topography and Peat Swamp Forest Biomass in Kalimantan, Indonesia. In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 3, No. 9: pp. 1957-1982 [PDF, 3MB]

Balogh, Arpad; Wong, Joshua H.; Wötzel, Christiane; Soll, Jürgen; Cséke, Csaba; Buchanan, Bob B. (1984): Metabolite-mediated catalyst conversion of PFK and PFP. A mechanism of enyme regulation in green plantsplants. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 169, No. 2: pp. 287-292 [PDF, 625kB]

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Becker, Klaus; Eder, Matthias; Ranft, Andreas; Meyer, Ludwig von; Zieglgänsberger, Walter; Kochs, Eberhard; Dodt, Hans-Ulrich (2012): Low dose isoflurane exerts opposing effects on neuronal network excitability in neocortex and hippocampus.
In: PloS one 7(6), e39346 [PDF, 2MB]

Becker, Peter B.; Feller, Christian; Forné, Ignasi; Imhof, Axel (8. January 2015): Global and specific responses of the histone acetylene to systematic perturbation. In: Molecular Cell, Vol. 57: pp. 1-13 [PDF, 4MB]

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Bekker, Charissa de; Ohm, Robin A.; Loreto, Raquel G.; Sebastian, Aswathy; Albert, Istvan; Merrow, Martha; Brachmann, Andreas; Hughes, David P.: Gene expression during zombie ant biting behavior reflects the complexity underlying fungal parasitic behavioral manipulation. In: BMC Genomics 2015, 16:620 [PDF, 1MB]

Benda, Jan; Herz, Andreas V. M. (2003): A universal model for spike-frequency adaptation. In: Neural computation, Vol. 15, No. 1: pp. 2523-2564 [PDF, 589kB]

Bergbauer, Martin; Kalla, Markus; Schmeinck, Anne; Göbel, Christine; Rothbauer, Ulrich; Eck, Sebastian; Benet-Pagès, Anna; Strom, Tim M.; Hammerschmidt, Wolfgang (2010): CpG-methylation regulates a class of Epstein-Barr virus promoters.
In: PLoS pathogens 6(9), e1001114 [PDF, 1MB]

Berninger, Benedikt; Costa, Marcos R.; Koch, Ursula; Schroeder, Timm; Sutor, Bernd; Grothe, Benedikt; Götz, Magdalena (2007): Functional properties of neurons derived from in vitro reprogrammed postnatal astroglia. In: The journal of neuroscience, Vol. 27, No. 32: pp. 8654-8664 [PDF, 584kB]

Bhat, Ramray; Lerea, Kenneth M.; Peng, Hong; Kaltner, Herbert; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Newman, Stuart A.: A regulatory network of two galectins mediates the earliest steps of avian limb skeletal morphogenesis. In: BMC Developmental Biology 2011, 11:6 [PDF, 3MB]

Bodega, Beatrice; Cardone, Maria Francesca; Mueller, Stefan; Neusser, Michaela; Orzan, Francesca; Rossi, Elena; Battaglioli, Elena; Marozzi, Anna; Riva, Paola; Rocchi, Mariano; Meneveri, Raffaella; Ginelli, Enrico: Evolutionary genomic remodelling of the human 4q subtelomere (4q35.2). In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2007, 7:39 [PDF, 1MB]

Bodega, Beatrice; Ramirez, Gabriella Di Capua; Grasser, Florian; Cheli, Stefania; Brunelli, Silvia; Mora, Marina; Meneveri, Raffaella; Marozzi, Anna; Mueller, Stefan; Battaglioli, Elena; Ginelli, Enrico: Remodeling of the chromatin structure of the facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) locus and upregulation of FSHD-related gene 1 (FRG1) expression during human myogenic differentiation. In: BMC Biology 2009, 7:41 [PDF, 1MB]

Bodner, Martin; Zimmermann, Bettina; Roeck, Alexander; Kloss-Brandstaetter, Anita; Horst, David; Horst, Basil; Sengchanh, Sourideth; Sanguansermsri, Torpong; Horst, Juergen; Kraemer, Tanja; Schneider, Peter M.; Parson, Walther: Southeast Asian diversity: first insights into the complex mtDNA structure of Laos. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, 11:49 [PDF, 583kB]

Boeke, Joern; Bag, Indira; Ramaiah, M. Janaki; Vetter, Irene; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Pal-Bhadra, Manika; Bhadra, Utpal; Imhof, Axel (2011): The RNA helicase Rm62 cooperates with SU(VAR)3-9 to re-silence active transcription in Drosophila melanogaster.
In: PloS one 6(6), e20761 [PDF, 1MB]

Bohne, Alexandra-Viola; Schwarz, Christian; Schottkowski, Marco; Lidschreiber, Michael; Piotrowski, Markus; Zerges, William; Nickelsen, Jörg (February 2013): Reciprocal regulation of protein synthesis and carbon metabolism for thylakoid membrane biogenesis.
In: PLoS biology 11(2), e1001482 [PDF, 1MB]

Bolzer, Andreas; Kreth, Gregor; Solovei, Irina; Koehler, Daniela; Saracoglu, Kaan; Fauth, Christine; Müller, Stefan; Eils, Roland; Cremer, Christoph; Speicher, Michael R.; Cremer, Thomas (May 2005): Three-dimensional maps of all chromosomes in human male fibroblast nuclei and prometaphase rosettes.
In: PLoS biology 3(5), e157 [PDF, 746kB]

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Borrego, Francisco; Ulbrecht, Matthias; Weiss, Elisabeth H.; Coligan, John E.; Brooks, Andrew G. (1998): Recognition of Human Histocompatibility Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)-E Complexed with HLA Class I Signal Sequence–derived Peptides by D94/NKG2 Confers Protection from Natural Killer Cell–mediated Lysis. In: Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), Vol. 187, No. 5: pp. 813-818 [PDF, 83kB]

Boshart, Michael; Weber, Frank; Rüger, Rüdiger; Dorsch-Häsler, Karoline; Jahn, Gerhard; Stoerker, Jay; Schaffner, Walter; Fleckenstein, Bernhard (1985): The strong enhancer element in the immediate early region of the human cytomegalovirus genome. UCLA Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, New Series, 1985, -. [PDF, 1MB]

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Brachmann, Andreas; Parniske, Martin (July 2006): The most widespread symbiosis on Earth.
In: PLoS biology 4(7), e239 [PDF, 58kB]

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Brenzinger, Bastian; Haszprunar, Gerhard; Schroedl, Michael: At the limits of a successful body plan-3D microanatomy, histology and evolution of Helminthope (Mollusca: Heterobranchia: Rhodopemorpha), the most worm-like gastropod. In: Frontiers in Zoology 2013, 10 [PDF, 2MB]

Bräutigam, Katharina; Dietzel, Lars; Kleine, Tatjana; Ströher, Elke; Wormuth, Dennis; Dietz, Karl-Josef; Radke, Dörte; Wirtz, Markus; Hell, Rüdiger; Dörmann, Peter; Nunes-Nesi, Adriano; Schauer, Nicolas; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Oliver, Sandra N.; Geigenberger, Peter; Leister, Dario; Pfannschmidt, Thomas (2009): Dynamic plastid redox signals integrate gene expression and metabolism to induce distinct metabolic states in photosynthetic acclimation in Arabidopsis. In: The plant cell, Vol. 21, No. 9: pp. 2715-2732 [PDF, 1MB]

Bucher, Joachim; Riedmaier, Stephan; Schnabel, Anke; Marcus, Katrin; Vacun, Gabriele; Weiss, Thomas S.; Thasler, Wolfgang E.; Nuessler, Andreas K.; Zanger, Ulrich M.; Reuss, Matthias: A systems biology approach to dynamic modeling and inter-subject variability of statin pharmacokinetics in human hepatocytes. In: BMC Systems Biology 2011, 5:66 [PDF, 670kB]

Butler, Richard J.; Barrett, Paul M.; Gower, David J. (2012): Reassessment of the evidence for postcranial skeletal pneumaticity in Triassic archosaurs, and the early evolution of the avian respiratory system.
In: PloS one 7(3), e34094 [PDF, 1MB]

Butler, Richard J.; Brusatte, Stephen L.; Reich, Mike; Nesbitt, Sterling J.; Schoch, Rainer R.; Hornung, Jahn J. (14. October 2011): The sail-backed reptile Ctenosauriscus from the latest Early Triassic of Germany and the timing and biogeography of the early archosaur radiation.
In: PLoS ONE 6(10), e25693 [PDF, 5MB]

Butler, Richard J.; Porro, Laura B.; Galton, Peter M.; Chiappe, Luis M. (2012): Anatomy and cranial functional morphology of the small-bodied dinosaur Fruitadens haagarorum from the Upper Jurassic of the USA.
In: PloS one 7(4), e31556 [PDF, 4MB]

Böttger, Angelika; Doxey, Andrew C.; Hess, Michael W.; Pfaller, Kristian; Salvenmoser, Willi; Deutzmann, Rainer; Geissner, Andreas; Pauly, Barbara; Altstätter, Johannes; Münder, Sandra; Heim, Astrid; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; McConkey, Brendan J.; David, Charles N. (2012): Horizontal gene transfer contributed to the evolution of extracellular surface structures. The freshwater polyp Hydra is covered by a complex fibrous cuticle containing glycosaminoglycans and proteins of the PPOD and SWT (sweet tooth) families.
In: PloS one 7(12), e52278 [PDF, 5MB]

Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandro; Passos, Lygia M. F.; Lis, Katarzyna; Kenneil, Rachel; Valdés, James J.; Ferrolho, Joana; Tonk, Miray; Pohl, Anna E.; Grubhoffer, Libor; Zweygarth, Erich; Shkap, Varda; Ribeiro, Mucio F. B.; Estrada-Peña, Agustín; Kocan, Katherine M.; de la Fuente, José (2013): Functional and Immunological Relevance of Anaplasma marginale Major Surface Protein 1a Sequence and Structural Analysis.
In: PloS one 8(6), e65243 [PDF, 4MB]

Cameron, R. E.; King, J.; David, Charles N. (1970): Microbiology, ecology and microclimatology of soil sites in Dry Valleys of southern Victoria land, Antarctica. In: Holdgate, Martin W. (ed.) : Antarctic ecology. Vol. 2. London, New York: Academic Press. pp. 702-716 [PDF, 1MB]

Cameron, Roy E.; David, Charles N.; King, Jonathan (1968): Soil toxicity in Antarctic Dry Valleys. In: Antarctic Journal of the USA, Vol. 3: pp. 164-166 [PDF, 712kB]

Carbone, Lucia; Vessere, Gery M.; ten Hallers, Boudewijn F. H.; Zhu, Baoli; Osoegawa, Kazutoyo; Mootnick, Alan; Kofler, Andrea; Wienberg, Johannes; Rogers, Jane; Humphray, Sean; Scott, Carol; Harris, R. Alan; Milosavljevic, Aleksandar; de Jong, Pieter J. (December 2006): A high-resolution map of synteny disruptions in gibbon and human genomes.
In: PLOS Genetics 2(12) , pp. 2162-2175 [PDF, 709kB]

Carpenter, Jennifer; Hutter, Stephan; Baines, John F.; Roller, Julia; Saminadin-Peter, Sarah S.; Parsch, John; Jiggins, Francis M. (2009): The transcriptional response of Drosophila melanogaster to infection with the sigma virus (Rhabdoviridae).
In: PloS one 4(8), e6838 [PDF, 299kB]

Carrai, Maura; Steinke, Verena; Vodicka, Pavel; Pardini, Barbara; Rahner, Nils; Holinski-Feder, Elke; Morak, Monika; Schackert, Hans K.; Görgens, Heike; Stemmler, Susanne; Betz, Beate; Kloor, Matthias; Engel, Christoph; Büttner, Reinhard; Naccarati, Alessio; Vodickova, Ludmila; Novotny, Jan; Stein, Angelika; Hemminki, Kari; Propping, Peter; Försti, Asta; Canzian, Federico; Barale, Roberto; Campa, Daniele (2011): Association between TAS2R38 gene polymorphisms and colorectal cancer risk. A case-control study in two independent populations of Caucasian origin.
In: PloS one 6(6), e20464 [PDF, 112kB]

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Clemens Grisham, Rachel; Kindt, Katie; Finger-Baier, Karin; Schmid, Bettina; Nicolson, Teresa (2013): Mutations in ap1b1 Cause Mistargeting of the Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase Pump in Sensory Hair Cells.
In: PloS one 8(4), e60866 [PDF, 6MB]

Conte, Daniele; MacWilliams, Harry K.; Ceccarelli, Adriano (2010): BTG interacts with retinoblastoma to control cell fate in Dictyostelium.
In: PloS one 5(3), e9676 [PDF, 667kB]

Corin, Karolina; Baaske, Philipp; Ravel, Deepali B.; Song, Junyao; Brown, Emily; Wang, Xiaoqiang; Geissler, Sandra; Wienken, Christoph J.; Jerabek-Willemsen, Moran; Duhr, Stefan; Braun, Dieter; Zhang, Shuguang (2011): A robust and rapid method of producing soluble, stable, and functional G-protein coupled receptors.
In: PloS one 6(10), e23036 [PDF, 421kB]

Corin, Karolina; Baaske, Philipp; Ravel, Deepali B.; Song, Junyao; Brown, Emily; Wang, Xiaoqiang; Wienken, Christoph J.; Jerabek-Willemsen, Moran; Duhr, Stefan; Luo, Yuan; Braun, Dieter; Zhang, Shuguang (2011): Designer lipid-like peptides. A class of detergents for studying functional olfactory receptors using commercial cell-free systems.
In: PloS one 6(11), e25067 [PDF, 729kB]

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In: PloS one 4(5), e5318 [PDF, 194kB]

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